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Recipe Round-Up

5 Vegetarian Recipes to Take Meatless Mondays up a Notch

Cast iron goes perfectly with your favorite five-a-day. Whether you don’t eat meat or are simply looking to add more meatless dishes to your weekly rotation, check out our favorite vegetarian recipes and get even more servings of big, bold, flavor-packed vegetables.

cauliflower pizza

1. Skillet Cauliflower Feta Pizza

Cauliflower and pizza are having a bit of a romance at the moment, and this pizza puts cauli front and center as a topping. Roasted cauliflower packs a sweet and mellow flavor, accented with bright feta and red pepper. 

butternut squash lasagna in casserole dish

2. Butternut Lasagna

Lasagna has always been an ideal vehicle for veggies, but we took it one step further and layered in thinly sliced squash, nestled among noodles and fresh pesto. Add spinach to your pesto for an additional punch of veg.

chai pani daal

3. Chai Pani Daal

This warming and flavorful lentil dish is a daily staple in India. Bonus: it’s also vegan. Serve this spiced dish on its own or with a side of rice, bread, or grilled vegetables. Daal is one of those dishes that tastes even better with time, so look forward to leftovers.

Avocado toast on plate with garnish

4. Cornbread Avocado Toast

We took Instagram’s favorite dish and made it more cast-iron friendly. A quick cornbread gets topped with a tangy cilantro and yogurt crema, sliced avocados, and pink pickled onions. Take a picture quickly, though: these toasts tend to disappear fast.

chili recipe with sour cream and salsa

5. Winter Root Vegetable Chili

This wintry chilli is a vegetable party in every bite. We layer delicious root vegetables like parsnips, carrots, and sweet potatoes, with bell peppers and fiery tomatoes (plus filling hominy and beans) to create a rich, vegan chilli anyone can enjoy.