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7 Bake-and-Take Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Potluck

We all know it’s good form to show up for a dinner party with a gift for your host. It’s even more meaningful when you give something thoughtful your host can put to good use after the party. What if, this year, you honor this age-old etiquette by making a ready-to-serve side dish in a pan you can also give as a gift? 

Dual handle pans are a great option. They’re easy to carry, they make for a great table presentation, and they take up minimal storage space so your host won’t have to rearrange their cupboards to make room.

This year, when you contribute food to your Thanksgiving potluck, prepare it in a piece of cast iron cookware and then give it to your host to enjoy for generations.

Here are 7 of our favorite Thanksgiving bake-and-take dishes to round out any holiday meal:

Pork chop pan

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