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New year, new food!

7 Food Resolutions for the New Year

Have you noticed that a lot of the typical New Year’s food resolutions have shifted away from “eat healthy” and towards “eat adventurously”? At Lodge, we love to make food resolutions for the upcoming year—things we’ll be trying for the first time, or recipes we can’t wait to put on repeat. Whatever you resolve to do this year, check out our helpful tips, guides, and recipes to get you started!

Resolve to cook Sunday Supper.

This year, we’re resolving to spend more time around the table with special meals. Sunday scaries may be very real—especially after a nice long holiday—but the antidote is as easy as pulling out your dutch oven. Start with our aptly-named Sunday Pot Roast and top it off with garlic mashed potatoes and something sweet for dessert. You’ll be happy to have reclaimed some weekend hours. Plus, leftovers.

Resolve to make breakfast.

For some, breakfast is the very best meal of the day. But it can be tough to put together something nutritious, filling, and happy-making between the alarm clock and your commute. Our meal-prep friendly Mini Goat Cheese Frittatas come together quickly and store beautifully for a week of on-the-go breakfasts. Plus, check out our very scientific frittata matrix for ideas on fillings and more!

Resolve to eat with the seasons.

Eating with the seasons means there’s never a dull moment at the grocery store or over the stove. Kick off the new year with the most seasonal winter veggies of all: classic greens. Plus, check out our full guide to eating seasonally year round.

Resolve to rediscover the classics.

We love a classic dish, especially one that brings some fun techniques to the table (pun intended). This year, we’re resolving to spend more time with the recipes that our grandmas (and grandpas!) made famous, from fried chicken to fudgy cakes.

Resolve to treat yourself.

Some resolutions are easier to keep than others. This year, resolve to be kinder to yourself, starting with your cooking and baking. Preparing food is in itself such a treat, but it’s even better when you’re excited about the dish, too. For the sweet-tooth, consider a skillet cookie. For the savory-seekers, make it a pizza night to remember.

Resolve to gift a meal.

This year, we’re resolving to deliver dinner to our friends and family. Maybe you know someone with a new addition to the family, small children, or a busy work schedule—no matter who receives it, a home cooked meal can be a true gift. Our go-to is a Quiche Lorraine delivered with a side salad, but you can get creative! Check out our full list of gift-able recipes made in cast iron that the giftee can even keep.

Resolve to try something new.

Maybe you’ve been curious to try bread baking? Or you’d like to add new flavors to your kitchen? Cooking is a skill you can build on your whole life, so this year, resolve to try something new. You may just discover a new tradition in the process, too, like we did with this Dirty Martini Puttanesca. 

Stock your kitchen for a new year full of cooking (and cleaning!) with these essentials