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Recipe Round-Up

7 Recipes for Any 2021 Food Resolution

Have you noticed that a lot of the typical New Year’s food resolutions have shifted from a blanket “eat healthy” to something more specific? For some, it’s a goal of eating less meat—not giving it up, just eating less. For others, it’s more greens or investing in better breakfasts. While the continuation of our COVID lives may support these more specific resolutions, thanks to an increase in cooking at home and more time spent thinking about the role food plays in our daily schedules (anyone else notice how many times their WFH spouses pad to the kitchen for a drink or a snack? Just us?), we’re here to help you discover new recipes to explore in 2021.

Herb Roasted Chicken with Browned Butter, Lemon, & Garlic

1. Herb Roasted Chicken With Lemon and Brown Butter

When we say this roast chicken is slathered in herbs, we’re not exaggerating, and we’re also completely here for it. If Meditteranean eating is your scene, this recipe mixes a very healthy dose of Herbes de Provence, a traditional aromatic mixture of dried provençal herbs, with lemon to make each bite taste fresh and satisfying.

Bonus: Turn to this recipe for a great way to simplify your meal prep. With white and dark meat to satisfy any picky eaters, there’s usually plenty left over to reduce the number of meals you need to cook throughout the week.

Ratatouille in dual handle pan on rustic table

2. Winter Squash and Apple Ratatouille

As much as we love our winter squashes, sometimes we run out of ideas on how to prepare them. And then we remember this recipe! Paired with sweet potatoes and apples, this ratatouille tastes decadent while being full of good-for-you vegetables. Fix it as your main dish (it’s plenty filling) or eat as a side dish for a unique twist on your vegetable serving.

thick cut pork chops

3. Thick Cut Salt & Pepper Pork Chops

Have you vowed to cook your meat in healthier ways this year? Or maybe you want to master how to cook meat? This recipe gives you step-by-step instructions on how to perfectly cook your pork chops for a meal that doesn’t sacrifice flavor for reduced calories.

Frittata Wedges Recipe

4. Frittata Wedges With Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach, and Ricotta

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is often the most rushed. Sometimes the best solution is finding a tasty option the whole family enjoys and making it ahead so you can grab and go. When you use our Wedge Pan for recipes like these frittata wedges, your healthy breakfast comes pre-portioned so all you have to do is reheat to start your day on the right foot.


5. Migas

Breakfast for supper anyone? For one of our staffers, breakfast for supper was a staple growing up when her mom didn’t feel like cooking. While Migas is a bit more involved than a simple pancake,  making it for dinner is a perfect way to get vegetables and protein in something that feels festive and fun. (In the Southwest, it’s also hailed as the universal hangover meal, so there’s also that.)

Chickpea Soup with Turmeric and Ginger Recipe

6. Chickpea Soup with Turmeric and Ginger

Hoping for a more anti-inflammatory diet in 2021? Turmeric and ginger are the perfect spices to aid you in that journey. While they’re a great addition to so many dishes, they really shine in this comforting and hearty chickpea soup. We recommend you tear off a sizable piece of naan to enjoy along with your soup (you may even want to dunk!) and add a side salad for even more veggies.

How to Roast Veggies

7. Roast Veggies

One of the best ways to add extra vegetables to your meal? Roast them! Unlike steamed vegetables of old, roasted vegetables, when tossed with some olive oil and simple spices, caramelize a bit in the oven—even more so when roasted on cast iron— to give you vegetables with an exciting edge. We recommend using our new Baking Pan for its extra stirring room so you can roast a bunch of vegetables that will turn out crisp, full of flavor, and feel indulgent while being the perfect complement to your meal.