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About Lodge

We Do the Right Thing.

We’ve called South Pittsburg our hometown since 1896, and we’re committed to investing in our community and taking care of the environment. It’s a value that started with our founder, Joseph Lodge, and has been passed down through our more than 125-year history. In the spirit of leaving things better than we found them, we work with folks from across our campus to serve the people and places we call home.

Lodge has long been a proud member of this community and recognizes the opportunity to support local schools, organizations, and citizens through charitable donations and outreach. We are excited to have an employee-led Community Engagement Committee that connects our team members with opportunities to get involved in the community.

Lodge littler pick up crew
We each bring something to the table.

We each bring something to the table.

At Lodge, people are the “why” behind everything we do. Each voice, each viewpoint is unique and every interaction makes us better. We listen and absorb our differences so that when we get to work, we can live up to our potential—individually and together. So pull up a chair; everyone is welcome at our table.

We give back.

Lodge is dedicated to helping the community through volunteer work, charity auctions, and fundraising initiatives.

We keep it natural.

Lodge maintains a comprehensive recycling program and invests in foundry equipment that reduces pollution and minimizes the consumption of electricity.