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Bake it easy with seasoned cast iron bakeware pans and accessories. 

With our seasoned cast iron bakeware set, it's easy to make homemade baked goods and casseroles that rival your favorite bakery and restaurants. Each piece of cast iron bakeware features a design that is easy to grip, lift, and move about the kitchen. Our made-in-the-USA bakeware pans are crafted with iron and oil, so you can use Lodge bakeware for generations of baking fun. 

2022 Seasoned Cast Iron Bakeware with Grips

Bakeware Essentials

Get a perfectly flaky crust with our cast iron pie pan, or grab one of our baking pans for delicious cookies, jelly rolls, and other tasty treats. Use the casserole pan for homemade lasagna, cakes, and so much more. 

Specialty Bakeware

Bake unique desserts and savory breads with our specialty cast iron bakeware set. Each cast iron pan provides excellent heat retention for consistent, even baking. 

Lodge Recipes

Bake a Lodge moment.

The Lodge Advantage, Cinnamon Rolls

Cast iron just makes baking better.

Thanks to cast iron's ability to retain heat, it's the perfect material to bake everything from sweet sticky buns to savory quiches.

Why bake in cast iron

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