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California AB 1200 Disclosure

At Lodge, we make cookware in the United States that we're proud to use ourselves, whether we’re cooking for family, friends, or each other. And we’re committed to making products that are safe for you and the people around your table, too.

To that end, we take it on as a responsibility to stay up to date on standards and laws regarding safe cookware use. Every step in our manufacturing process is designed to protect our employees, the people who love our cookware, and the environment. Our cookware is made without PFOA and PTFE, and we’re proud to say our seasoned cast iron is made with just iron and oil, as it has been since the beginning.

The California Safer Food Packaging and Cookware Act of 2021 (AB 1200) requires manufacturers to disclose the presence of Candidate Chemicals in the handles and food-contact surfaces of their cookware. In compliance with this law and in the spirit of transparency, we’ve outlined all of the materials in our cookware—whether they’re on the list of Candidate Chemicals or not.

Additionally, all of our cookware complies with the Food and Drug Administration’s standards and regulations for direct contact with food, and we have no reason to believe that our cookware poses a health risk to our consumers.

The following chart provides information about all of the materials in our products, so you can make informed choices about your cookware.

  Product Type    Material Name
  Seasoned Cast Iron
Including Classic Cast Iron, Bakeware, Blacklock Triple Seasoned Cast Iron, Chef Collection, Lodge BOLD, Grilling & Outdoors

     - Manganese & Manganese Compounds
     - Strontium
     - Carbon
     - Silicon
     - Sulfur
Soybean Oil