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We learn. We grow.

You might know Lodge as the cast iron skillet on your grandmother’s stove, or maybe you’ve heard about our legacy as the oldest manufacturer of cast iron in America. We’re proud of our history and excited for our future, but what truly sets us apart is that when you work at Lodge, you’re family. We realize a lot of companies make this promise, but if you ask the folks who work here, you’ll find this place is special.

We’re inspired by the understanding that our cast iron is more than cookware --- it’s a connection to those who came before us, an invitation to make something new, and a reminder to gather with the ones you love. That’s what continues to motivate us after 125 years. As a team, we’re scrappy; always ready to problem solve, learn new skills, and tackle challenges. When you join us, we’ll share what we’ve learned, listen to your ideas, and give you plenty of room to grow. We’re in it together, working hard to get the job done and to be better than we were the day before, while having a little fun along the way.

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The WE Statement



The WE Statement

Inspired by Lodge employees, the WE Statement informs our day-to-day work culture and inspires the future of our company.

We each bring something to the table.

At Lodge, people are the “why” behind everything we do. Each voice, each viewpoint is unique and every interaction makes us better. We listen and absorb our differences so that when we get to work, we can live up to our potential—individually and together. So pull up a chair; everyone is welcome at our table.

We take pride in what we do.

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