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Happy Holidays from all of us at Lodge!

We hope this season brings you happy reunions with your favorite people and wonderful memories made round the table. From all of us at Lodge, happy cooking, eating, and celebrating!

Meet the Chef on the Shelf!

On a dreary winter day in December, Chef Kris received a mysterious package with a little chef named Mischef. And ever since, Kris has been terrorized by his naughty antics around the kitchen, leaving us all to wonder: What did cast iron do to this little chef to make him so mad? Rumor has it that Mischef was kicked out of culinary school after putting his cast iron skillet in the dishwasher. A mistake that dashed his lifelong dream of opening a Snickerdoodle Shop in New York City.

Haunted by the cast iron skillet, he arrived at Lodge to seek revenge. Our little Mischef loves soapy baths, messy baking projects, chaos, and Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls (can you blame him?). He dislikes well-seasoned skillets (uh oh), all-things-orderly, and Chef Kris’s favorite fish spatula.

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Get your crayons out!

We created holiday coloring sheets with our favorite Chef on the Shelf moments. Download, print, and get coloring with your favorite holiday crew!

Wishing you a happy new year (and a skillet-full of fun)!

Thanks for a wonderful year full of recipe sharing, cast iron cooking, museum visiting, and more! We’re so grateful for our cast iron community—all the ways you show up for each other and for us at Lodge—and we’re wishing you all a very happy start to 2023!