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Day of the Dead
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Celebrate Day of the Dead with artist Lourdes Villagómez

We partnered with Mexico City-based artist Lourdes Villagómez to create a collectible sugar skull skillet in honor of Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos. "What I really want to communicate is the roots of my country," she says. Learn more about Lourdes and the traditions that inspire her from across Mexico and the world.

Lourdes Villagómez

About the artist

What Day of the Dead means to Lourdes Villagómez 

Lourdes is a contemporary artist who created this bright, bold signature skillet as a way to bring Day of the Dead celebrations to people everywhere. Learn more about her work, the design, and the holiday that inspired it.

“Mexico is a country full of tradition and roots and it’s worth it to know about these stories,” Lourdes says. “Before Mexico was Mexico, Day of the Dead was celebrated in different areas and parts of Central and South America, and each group celebrated in different ways. Every kind of culture had a specific kind of celebration, and it’s really interesting to know about, to learn about this history.”

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Seasoned Cast Iron Sugar Skull Skillet

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Create your own sugar skull cakes!

Start baking and creating with new sugar skull bakeware, accessories, and a spiced chocolate cake recipe by award-winning author Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack.

Seasoned Cast Iron Skull Mini Cake Pan

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Seasoned Cast Iron Skull Mini Cake Pan
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Yvette Marquez

About the baker

How author Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack bakes sugar skulls. 

Yvette shares her take on a Day of the Dead tradition with her spiced chocolate cake recipe, prepared in our new skull mini cake pan. Plus, she shares tips for decorating sugar skulls and bringing a taste of the holiday to your home.

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