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How to Clean and Care for the Lodge Cook-It-All

You're going to love this versatile outdoor camp cookware.


What is the Cook-It-All?

The Cook-It-All combines the utility of a cast iron Camp Dutch Oven with a griddle, grill pan, wok, skillet, and more for cooking over live fire or coal briquettes. With only two pieces of cast iron, the Cook-It-All has five cooking configurations for endless possibilities of campfire cuisine.

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How to Use the Cook-It-All

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How to Clean the Lodge Cook-It-All

Cleaning Cast Iron

Step 1:

Scrape out all of the food and wash your Cook-It-All by hand with hot water. You can use a small amount of mild detergent.


Step 2:

Dry your Cook-It-All thoroughly with paper or cloth towels.

Oil Cast Iron

Step 3:

While the cookware is warm, rub a very light layer of cooking oil or our seasoning spray onto the surface. 

Cook-it-all challenge

Endless Creations

With five different cooking configurations, the Cast Iron Cook-It-All really can cook it all!

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