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How to Clean and Care for the Lodge Sportsman's Grill

Learn how to assemble, clean, and care for the cast iron Sportsman's Grill.

Lodge Sportsman Grill
Sportsman Grill


What is the Lodge Sportsman's Grill?

This rugged, charcoal hibachi-style grill is perfect for picnics, tailgating, camping and more. A draft door regulates the heat, and coals are accessible behind a flip-down door.


How to Assemble the Sportsman's Grill

  1. Attach the Fire Bowl to the Footed Base with the nuts and bolts provided. Do not overtighten.
  2. Slide the Wire Bail through the holes on either side of the Fire Bowl. Attach the loops in the center of each handle.
  3. Set the Fire Door in the 2 loop holders on the front of the Fire Bowl. The door swings open to load coals or remove ashes.
  4. Slide the Draft Door in the grooved area on the front of the Footed Base. Slide it left or right to adjust air flow.
Sportsman Grill Assembly
Sportsman Grill

How to Cook with the Sportsman's Grill

  • Before the first use, rinse and hand-dry all pieces.
  • Assemble per directions.
  • Remove cooking grate and place charcoal on fire grate and light, or use a chimney starter.
  • Grill grate can be set at 2 positions.
  • Adjust draft door to increase or restrict airflow for temperature control.
  • Add or remove coals as needed through the fire door.
  • Oil cooking grate just before adding food to avoid sticking.

How to Clean the Sportsman's Grill

  • Let all parts cool before handling.
  • After each use, wash cooking grate with hot water and a nylon brush or scrubber (not metal).
  • Mild soap can be used occasionally if desired.
  • Dry promptly, and rub or spray with a thin layer of cooking oil.
  • For especially sticky messes, a plastic scraper can be used.
  • For the remaining parts, always dump out any residual coals and ashes.
  • These parts should be rinsed, dried, and oiled every 3-4 uses at minimum.
  • Rust? Don't panic. You can easily clean and re-season as needed.
Sportsman Clean
Sportsman Grill storage

How to Store the Sportsman's Grill

  • Always store in a dry place preferably indoors. If kept in moisture, the Sportsman's Grill will rust.
  • If kept outdoors, cover with our Sportsman's Grill Cover


The Tailgate Master

The Sportsman's Grill is the ultimate game-day essential.

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