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Lodge: A trusted OEM

Lodge Cast Iron has been pursuing the art and science of iron casting since 1896. But we’re not just a cookware business: we also work with partners looking for an OEM iron casting expert.

USA Made
We’re in the business of cast iron.

As the country’s oldest and most respected Gray Cast Iron Cookware Manufacturer, we’re proud to take the vast capabilities and experience of our foundry and employees and turn them into new opportunities for your business. For our OEM customers, we put the same commitment to quality, consistency, delivery, and efficiency of our world-famous cookware into your custom cast iron products.


Step inside the Lodge Cast Iron foundry

Access the Lodge foundry’s extensive capacity.

Melting & Molding

Disamatic Vertical Molding: D5/250 (3) & D3 (1)
Melting: 10-Metric Ton Inductotherm Melters (5)
Inductotherm Autopours (4)
3D Modeling/Solidification
Casting size up to approximately 20” x 24” depending on shape and thickness (minimum .150”)
½ pound to 50-pound weight depending on shape and thickness (minimum .150”)
*Note: Our product team will consult with you for complete size and weight specifications

Quality Control

Full Sand Testing Capability
Stationary Metal Analyzer Spectro LACM12 (2)
Data-Cast Thermal Analyzer Quick Lab (2)
Contilance Continuous Temperature Recorder (4)
BHN/Profilometer/Metallurgical Microscopy

A partner in production.

While cookware is our business, our two Tennessee foundries have the capacity to help businesses of all kinds put quality cast iron to work . We’re an OEM partner with our customers—helping them navigate production needs, access consistent quality, and get deliveries that meet or exceed expectations.

Made in the USA.

Our foundries operate in beautiful South Pittsburg, Tennessee, and our trusted tooling shops are USA based—two are within two hours of Lodge. We’re proud to produce high quality, American-made cast iron that supports American manufacturing and jobs. Everything we make is backed by our team of experts.

Learn about Lodge Cast Iron

Pig Iron
We know quality casting.

As an OEM, we guarantee the same high-quality cast iron surface that we’ve perfected in the cookware business—a high-quality iron surface finish that’s trusted and tested every day. Because we’re a cookware manufacturer, we closely monitor our iron chemistry, only utilizing pig iron, steel slitter, and our own returns as melt stock.

Explore our process

A history of growth.

For over 125 years, Lodge has been in the business of making cast iron that stands the test of time while setting the standard in quality. We’re a proud neighbor to the community, and a responsible environmental steward.

Learn more about our history


Thank you for your interest in working with Lodge Cast Iron.

Please share more about your business needs and we’ll follow up as soon as we can. Please note that this form is for OEM iron casting inquiries only, and not for questions or requests related to our cookware business.

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