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  Item# Description Design US Pat.# Heat Treated
US Pat.#
Heat Treated
Canadian Pat.#
  H9ASKMCY Heat-Treated Skillet 9"   7,622,197 2,611,288
  H11ASKMCY Heat-Treated Skillet 11"   7,622,197 2,611,288
  H11AGPMCY Heat-Treated Grill Pan 11"   7,622,197 2,611,288
  H18AGRMCY Heat-Treated 2-Burner Griddle   7,622,197 2,611,288
  H6ADOMCY Heat-Treated Dutch Oven 6 qt. D767,330 7,622,197 2,611,288
  H5MIC Heat-Treated Mini Skillet Cover   7,622,197 2,611,288
  H5MS Heat-Treated Mini Skillet 5"   7,622,197 2,611,288
  HCSH Heat-Treated Crescent Serving Griddle   7,622,197 2,611,288
  HGSK Heat-Treated Guitar Skillet D767,330 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HMSB Heat-Treated Mini Serving Bowl 11-oz   7,622,197 2,611,288
  HMSOV Heat-Treated Oval Mini 9 oz. D607,280 S 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HM16OS Heat-Treated Oval Mini 16 oz. D607,280 S 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HMSRC Heat-Treated Rectangle Mini 10 oz. D582,201 S 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HMSRD Heat-Treated Round Mini 14 oz. D608,149 S 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HMSS Heat-Treated Mini Square Server D630,061 S 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HOSD Heat-Treated Oval Serving Dish D607,280 S 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HHP Heat-Treated Serving Kettle (Half Pint) D440,467 S 7,622,197 2,611,288
  HCK Heat-Treated Country Kettle   7,622,197 2,611,288
  H5SK Heat-Treated 8" Skillet   7,622,197 2,611,288
  H3SK Heat-Treated 6.5" Skillet   7,622,197 2,611,288
  E3APB40/50 Apple Pot "Pot" App.#29/212,920 US D506,351 S    
  E3APL40/50 Apple Pot "Lid" App.#29/212,919 US D512,582 S    
  E4/5/6/7D "Dutch Oven" (Enamel) US D509,817 S    
  E4/5/6/7DB "Dutch Oven Pot" (Enamel) App.#29/197,097 US D507,718 S    
  E4/5/6/7DL "Dutch Oven Lid" (Enamel) US D508,369 S    
  L410 Sportsman - Combined Portable Stove US D125,446 S    
  LAJSP3 Au Jus Steak Platter US D438,431 S    
  LDP3 Double Play Griddle US D600,070 S    
   LM16OS  16 Ounce Oval Server US  D607,280 S    
  LMP3/LMPK3 "Melting Pot" App.#29/212,921 US D509,403 S    
  LOSR3 Rimmed Platter US D501,365 S    
  LSRG3 Square Reversible Grill Pan / Griddle US D538,584 S    
  P10/12D3 Prologic Dutch Oven (EuroCast) US D472,759 S    
  P10/12D3 Prologic Dutch Oven Lid (EuroCast) US D480,598 S    
  P10/12S3 Prologic Skillet (EuroCast) US D467,462 S    
  P12RG3 All-Purpose (Round) Griddle US D458,796 S    
  P12SG3 Breakfast (Square) Griddle US D458,797 S    
  P14P3 Pizza/Roasting Pan US D458,796 S    
  SS10/12D Cast Iron Pot with Polished Metal Handles US D549,041 S    
  SS10/12S Cast Iron Pan with Polished Metal Handles US D559,032 S    
  USO11/81 Silicone Oval Underliner US 8,070,116 B1    
  USO11/81 Silicone Oval Underliner US D618,497 S    
Pork chop pan

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