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The Best Gifts for Organized People (Who Love Cast Iron)

By: Lodge Cast Iron / October 28, 2022

Spending time in the kitchen doesn’t have to mean you’re making a mess. Check out our favorite organization gifts for people who love to cook with cast iron (and even collect it) and say hello to tidy kitchens and cookware.

Storage Solutions
Cookware Storage Tower 

The cookware storage tower is a favorite around Lodge for the simple reason that it can do so much. It’s a great way to stack your favorite pieces of iron (and especially great for dutch ovens). Plus, it shows off your collection in style.

Buy the Cookware Storage Tower 

Storage & Organizers
Cookware Organizer 

This smaller format cast iron organizer is great on the countertop or inside your shelves. Stack it upright or on its side, and use it for storing skillets, bakeware, lids, or a cast iron dutch oven. 

Buy the Cookware Organizer 

Scrubber and scrapper cleaning skillet
Pan Scrapers 

We don’t make a habit of waxing poetic about cleaning products, but our pan scrapers are something else. Made of rigid plastic, they help remove cooked-on food from cast iron cookware, without scraping or damaging the seasoned surface. The angled and straight edges also help you get into different nooks and crannies—plus, we make a grill pan friendly version, too!

Buy the Pan Scrapers

Seasoning Spray, nylon scrub brush, pan scraper and silicone handle holder sit next to a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.
Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

Keeping your cookware tidy doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Our Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit includes seasoning spray, a handle holder, pan scraper, and scrubber to help keep your cast iron cooking. The scrubber is unique to this kit and is perfect for smaller countertops or sink ledges.

Buy the Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit

Scrub cloth
The Everyday Scrub Cloth

The Everyday Scrub Cloth is gentle enough to use on cast iron and enameled cast iron, while being tough on stuck-on messes. The cloth is made of cotton and is non-abrasive coating to clean the surface of your cookware without removing the seasoning or scratching the enameled surface. The best part? It’s dishwasher and machine wash safe, so you can keep it your cleaning arsenal for longer!  

Buy the Everyday Scrub Cloth

Scrub Brush
10 Inch Scrub Brush 

And finally… the legend. Our special scrub brush features soft-yet-powerful bristles that can remove cooked-on food from cast iron without removing seasoning or damaging the cookware’s surface. Plus, the handle is carved with our iconic teardrop shape, bringing a wink of Lodge to your cleaning routine.

Buy the 10 Inch Scrub Brush 

Give the gift of cast iron!

No matter who you’re shopping for, check out our gift guides for cast iron gifts they’ll use year round!

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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