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3 Tips for Using the Cast Iron Fish Pan

By: / September 16, 2019

Ready to get cooking with your Fish Pan?

Safety First!

Before you fire up the grill—or the stove—we have some basic safety tips to get you started if you plan to use your Fish Pan to fry food. 

  • First things first, make sure you’re cooking on a level surface. This ensures even heating across the pan and can help you best determine the oil level as you cook. 
  • When you add the oil, fill it no more than halfway up the side of the pan because when you add food to the oil, the oil level will rise. 
  • While cooking, never leave the hot, oil-filled pan unattended. If the oil starts to smoke when cooking, turn off the heat source immediately! The smoke indicates the oil is close to a flashpoint. 


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Tips for Frying in the Fish Pan

Now that we have safety covered, you’re ready to get started! Follow these tips for keeping your oil hot and fresh and to ensure every bit of food fried in the Fish Pan turns out delicious.

  • We recommend you use neutrally flavored oil with a high smoke temperature, such as vegetable oil or peanut oil. Canola oil, when heated at high temperatures, can leave a fishy-aftertaste. (Which, we realize, isn’t a problem when you’re frying fish, but may not be desired when frying sweet treats, chicken, or even onion rings!)
  • Make sure to give every piece of food its breathing room in the pan. If you add too many things at once and overcrowd the pan, the oil temperature will drop, resulting in an uneven cooking experience. 
  • Frying again soon? You can easily reuse the oil! When the oil cools, grab a cheesecloth, pour the oil through into the container it came in or a new one, and store in the fridge.
  • When you're ready to dispose of your oil, do not pour hot, used oil down the sink! Dispose of it either sealed in a trashcan, or deposit it at a local oil-recycling site. 
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How to Adapt Recipes to Fit the Fish Pan

The Fish Pan is big—we know that. And while we’ve created a handful of special recipes specifically for the Fish Pan, we also know that you may have a few favorites of your own you’d like to make in the pan.

For a recipe that fits a 9x13 baking dish, simply multiply your ingredient quantities by 2 and add 25 degrees to the oven temperature when using the Fish Pan.

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