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5 New Ways to Use the Large Loaf Pan

By: Lodge Cast Iron / August 22, 2023

Your large cast iron loaf pan is obviously the perfect vessel for homemade bread, but you can put it to work to bring all kinds of dishes to life in your kitchen. It’s great for classic dishes like shepherd’s pie and meatloaf. But it’s also our favorite hack for making all of your favorite dinners when you’re cooking for a few—not a crew.  

Orange Pistachio Loaf



This is one of our favorite comfort foods, and we won’t apologize for it. Everyone does it a little bit differently—some like extra ketchup, others wouldn’t serve it without a layer of bacon on top. Make it how you love it and use the leftovers to make a meatloaf sandwich. Around here, we stack a thick slice on our Jalepeño Popper Bread, slathered in Duke’s mayo and topped with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Leftovers = upgraded! 

Deep dish pies 

We’re here for an unconventional pie pan. We’ve made a decadent Croissant-Crusted Chicken Pot Pie in a USA Enamel Dutch Oven, and we’ve made a chocolatey s’mores pie for 20 in our Fish Pan. So it was easy for us to look to the Large Loaf Pan as our next vessel for pie making. Our favorites? Chicken pot pie with a galette-style, freeform crust. Or shepherd’s pie topped with homemade mashed potatoes that become perfectly toasty in the oven. Just make sure to pop a baking pan underneath to catch any of the delicious juices that might bubble over while your pie bakes. 

Downsize casseroles 

From breakfast bakes to potato casseroles, the Large Loaf Pan can handle all your family favorites when you aren’t actually feeding your whole family. This twice-baked potato casserole is a staple at holiday meals, but it’s also a great side when you’re searing steaks on a weeknight. When we’re craving these dreamy taters, we cut the recipe and bake it in the loaf pan for an easy side during the week. 

Small-batch lasagna 

Because sometimes you want lasagna, but don't need a big batch. That’s where the loaf pan comes in! If you’re cooking for two, you’ll have dinner and lunch covered, but won’t have to eat lasagna for the rest of the week. We get it—there’s such a thing as too many leftovers. And lasagna is only the beginning. This is our go-to for all kinds of pasta. We’re talking baked mac and cheese, baked ziti, and cannelloni, too!  

Enchiladas for 1 

Enchiladas are the perfect vessel to use leftover chicken, beef, and turkey. Load corn tortillas up with your protein and cheese, then smother them with your favorite enchilada sauce—homemade or store-bought! They come together quickly, making them one of our weeknight favorites!  

Ready to sizzle? 

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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