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7 Cast Iron Essentials According to Lodge Employees

By: Lodge Cast Iron / March 25, 2021

When you work at Lodge’s main campus, you’re a quick walk away from our South Pittsburg Factory Store. This means you can easily purchase any piece of Lodge cookware you want to try. Not surprisingly, however, when a smattering of Lodge employees were polled on their favorite piece of Lodge cookware, one tried-and-true classic reigned supreme as the ultimate kitchen must-have. Check out this list for Lodge employee essentials.

12 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

“I have many pieces of Lodge cast iron cookware in my kitchen, but the 12 inch skillet is my go-to skillet. I’ve had mine for about 18 years, so it’s well seasoned. I’ve used it to cook everything from grilled cheese sandwiches, cornbread, and a chocolate chip cookie pie to pizza, steak, chicken, hamburgers, and oven-roasted veggies. It’s such a versatile pan given its size and useability.”
-Scarlett Henderson, Sales Support

“It’s hard to pick just one piece. (I do a lot of cooking). But I’ve used my 12 inch skillet literally thousands of times. It’s the go-to for everything. Cooking breakfast, searing steaks and burgers, making pizzas and pasta, grilling chicken, duck, fish, and shrimp, and sauteing vegetables. I’ve used it on my cooktop, in the oven, smoker, ceramic grill, and wood-fired oven.”
-Robert Lee, DISA Technician (“I make molds and pour iron into those molds.”)

“If I had to pick one essential piece of Lodge Cast Iron, I’d have to go with the 12 inch skillet. It’s easily the most versatile piece of cookware in my home, and something I reach for almost every night. I don’t look at it as a possession, it’s more like something I’m taking care of for future generations.”   
-Kris Stubblefield, Associate Culinary Manager

12 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan

“My favorite piece of Lodge cookware is the 12 Inch Dual Handle Pan. It’s versatile in the kitchen and I can use it to cook on the stovetop and in the stove. I use it quite often.”
-Kelly Smallwood, Customer Care Specialist

“While I have a lot of cast iron cookware/bakeware, my go-to piece of cast iron is my 12 inch dual handle pan. I use this pan A LOT! I’m always reaching for it when I need to roast a chicken, sear a couple of new york strip steaks, bake up some buttermilk biscuits, make a pizza, sauté vegetables, and more. This is the pan I buy for family and friends for birthdays, weddings, and other special-occasions gifts.”
-Shannon Van Dusen, Product Development Coordinator

12 Inch Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

“My carbon steel skillet is my go-to egg pan. It heats up quickly for busy mornings, and it never leaves my stovetop. I love how lightweight it is, and the low sides are perfect for flipping fried eggs or gracefully sliding an omelet out of the pan and onto a plate.”
-Jodi Lawrence, Associate Digital & Social Media Manager 

Blacklock 10.25 Inch Triple Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

“When I think of my most essential piece of Lodge cast iron cookware, I can’t help but also think of my mom and grandmother, and that makes the answer easy. It would have to be my 10.25 inch skillet that has been passed down from generation to generation. However, things have changed a bit since the release of Blacklock. While my most essential piece is still the 10.25 inch skillet, I now prefer the Blacklock version which is lighter and naturally nonstick. The versatility of this piece is wonderful! I can still cook cornbread, fried chicken, and pineapple upside down cake just like my mom and grandmother would make.”
-Amanda Brooks, HR Manager

“My favorite Lodge Cast Iron product is our 10.25 inch Blacklock Skillet. Not only is it quite the showpiece in the kitchen, but it’s the best tool for searing scallops. The triple-seasoning helps them slide right off the skillet after being seared to perfection.”
-Adam Feltman, Associate Brand Manager

3.2 Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Combo Cooker

“I’ve always lived in small apartments with limited cabinet space, so cookware that does double duty is always a plus. That’s why the Combo Cooker is my favorite piece. The low sidewalls and extra curved edge of the skillet lid is the perfect compromise between skillet and griddle, whether you’re searing a steak or flipping flapjacks. And the deep skillet bottom is perfect when you need to cook for a crowd.”
-Kathleen Derr, Graphic Designer

10.5 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

“I love my griddle and I tell customers about it all the time. I use it for biscuits, grilled cheese, eggs and pancakes.”
-Wanda King, Sales Associate at the South Pittsburg Factory Store

14 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Cook-It-All

“One of my favorite ways to cook is under clear skies and with an open fire and Lodge's cast iron Cook-It-All takes the heat of the flame! Not only is it large enough to cook for a crowd, but it gives me pretty much any style of cookware in only two pieces of cast iron. I can grill kabobs for dinner, then bake a cobbler for dessert in a breeze.”
-Beth Paden, Senior Graphic Designer

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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