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Crunch-ify Your Cooking with Potato Chips

By: Lodge Cast Iron / June 26, 2023

Oh, potato chips: how we appreciate you. These endlessly edible, perfectly crunchable marvels of snacking could have a bigger place in your cooking. Crack open a bag of your favorite potato chips and get ready to turn them into lunch, dinner, or dessert. And maybe buy an extra bag for safe measure?

Ladies Night Apple Crisp
Summer Squash Casserole Recipe

Swap out crumbs, swap in chips.

Use chips anywhere you would normally reach for breadcrumbs, crackers, or panko, including: a crusty topping for macaroni and cheese; breading for chicken tenders; as a crunch-enhancer for casseroles (we’re eyeing them for our own summer squash casserole); or as a coating for fried fish. Simply crush down your favorite chips in a sealed plastic bag, then sprinkle and bake. Get creative with flavor pairings, too!

Double down on ‘tater flavor.

No such thing as too much potato, right? Top off a tray of twice-baked potato or hashbrown casserole with a crunch layer of chips, then pop in the oven for a quick toasting. Add chips (especially flavored ones) to your baked potato toppings for more flavor and texture—they do a similar job to bacon pieces. And finally, turn a potato soup into a true celebration of potato power with crushed wavy chips.

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Chocolate chips, meet potato chips.

Move over chocolate: there’s a new chip in town. Add chips to your cookie recipes just before baking to add a bit of crunch and salt to every bite. We especially love this trick in a classic skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe, or with s’mores cookies. We also like to dip wavy or rippled chips straight into melted chocolate then sprinkle with big, crunchy salt for a standalone salty-sweet treat—no baking required.

Get ready to crumble.

A perfect streusel topping or crumble is a little salty and a little sweet, with a great texture that enhances the cooked fruit pie, coffee cake, or muffin that it tops off. Potato chips can help deliver some of that salt without adding moisture to the mix, so your topping stays crisp and flavorful. Add chips to the mix to finish off a fresh peach pie, a favorite streusel-y muffin, or our Ladies Night Apple Crisp.

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Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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