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Cast Iron 101

This is How Lodge Employees Store Their Cast Iron Cookware

By: Lodge Cast Iron / May 22, 2020

It’s no secret that cast iron cookware can be tough to store—especially when you have a lot of it. Our employees have approached this conundrum by developing interesting, efficient, and attractive ways to keep their iron in easy-access spots that really showcase their collections. So if you’re looking for a new way to store your cast iron cookware, we hope these solutions will spark some inspiration.

Kris' Utilitarian Rack for Cast Iron Storage


Kris' Utilitarian Rack

"When my wife and I bought our house, I was set on having a hanging cookware rack. We soon realized that would close off our open kitchen. I decided I wanted a commercial grid wall to store and display our cookware. After lots of searching, and the help of a coworker, I found exactly what I wanted. The hooks can be positioned anywhere on the unit, making it fit and grow with our collection. A friend described our cookware display as 'functional art'. These pieces are used regularly and the configuration is constantly evolving."

- Kris, Associate Culinary Manager

Laura's Functional Decor

Laura's Functional Decor

"This cast iron wall was actually really simple to make—my husband screwed some thick pieces of old barn wood to the sheetrock, then we used plain screws as hooks for the cookware. We didn't really intend for it to be decor, but it adds a lot of character to our kitchen. Now when we have people over, they often ooh and aah over this little corner of our pantry!"

- Laura, Brand Engagement Manager

Jodi's Sleek Cast Iron Cookware Organizer


Jodi's Sleek Organizer

"I use the Lodge Cookware Organizer to keep my skillets straight. The design is so simple, and it can be used many different ways. The rack is extra strong and can sit both vertically and horizontally. I've used it both ways, and both on my countertop and in my lower cabinets. When you need to grab a skillet fast, this rack makes it extra easy."

- Jodi, Associate Digital and Social Media Manager 

Beth's Creative Statement Piece

Beth's Creative Statement Piece

"My cast iron storage solution is made of barnwood that is actually decades old (gifted from the place where my husband and I were married), industrial-style black iron piping, floor flange brackets, and ’S’ hooks. It hangs just to the right of my stove and makes it so easy to grab pans right off of the hooks. Also, I have very limited cabinets in my kitchen, so being able to use the wall as a storage space is a must!"

- Beth, Senior Designer

Robert's Storage Tower

Robert's Storage Tower

"I have a couple of our Cookware Storage Towers at home, and they are extremely useful. I use one for cookware storage, but I have found they are also awesome as plant stands—and great for storing shoes. Besides holding a lot of my cast iron, it is impossible to pick my favorite other use! It's durable and versatile—that's why I like it!"

- Robert, Associate Product Manager

Walker's Rustic Storage Shelves

Walker's Rustic Shelves

"I keep my main dutch oven and skillet on the stove at all times, but the majority of my cast iron is stored on these shelves I built out of an old barn we tore down. It’s right over my main prep area, next to my stove. I also keep a magnet handy on one of my hanging skillets so I can hang a recipe up right in front of me."

- Walker, Manager of Retail