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How to Use the Corner & Groove Brush

By: Lodge Cast Iron / August 11, 2023

Cleaning pots and pans isn’t the best part of cooking your favorite dish or baking treats for your friends, but this versatile brush makes the job easy. The Corner & Groove Brush is uniquely designed to clean every corner, groove, and crevice of Lodge cookware, bakeware, and grilling gear. Plus, it won’t remove any seasoning and is gentle enough to use on enameled cookware. Use this guide for tips on how to make cleanup easier, so you can get back to hanging out with your friends or binging that new series.

Corner and Groove Brush
Twin Brush Heads 

The Corner & Groove Brush is carefully designed to clean every nook and cranny of your cookware. The width of the brushes fits perfectly between the ribs of grill pans, along the sidewalls of skillets,  and in the tight spaces of bakeware pieces. It’s also great for cleaning all of the wells of the Cornstick Pan or Holiday Wreath Pan

Usually, a good scrub and warm water are enough to get your cast iron clean. For tough, stuck-on messes, you can also use a little soap to easily release food particles from your cookware. If you’re new to cast iron, you can read our full guide to cleaning and care here.

Corner and Groove Brush
Corner and Groove Brush
Scraper Handle

The brush handle has a pointed end made of durable silicone, which acts as a tough pan scraper that can release food and burnt-on messes in corners. This is ideal for tough, angled spaces, such as the wells of a Wedge Pan or the edges of the Loaf Pan.

Burnt-on messes happen to the best of us, we know! One way to prevent them is to use enough oil, lower your cooking temperature, and avoid keeping your pan on the heat for too long. On bakeware, be sure to give your pan a generous spray of Seasoning Spray or Baker’s Joy for easy release after you bake. And if your treats have high sugar content, they’re more likely to stick and you may want to coat your baking pan with a little extra oil. We’ve compiled our favorite tips for cast iron cooking here.    

Corner and Groove Brush
Corner and Groove Brush
Ergonomic Design 

One of our favorite parts of the Corner and Groove Brush is the ergonomic, no-slip silicone grip. The secure grip makes it easy to get leverage for scraping and scrubbing in tough-to-clean places. The brush is also easy to pack for on-the-go cooking, making it a great choice for camping and tailgating. Best of all, because of the silicone design, you can pop the brush in the dishwasher for a like-new clean. 

Want to learn more about cast iron cleaning and care? 

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