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Blacklock Foundry

Meet Blacklock, Lodge's New Premium Line

By: Lodge Cast Iron / July 11, 2019

Today marks a big day in the history of Lodge Cast Iron: the introduction of Blacklock, a premium line of cast iron cookware. Each piece of Blacklock cast iron cookware is triple seasoned™ and lightweight for unmatched performance. It is available online and at Williams Sonoma stores across the country. 

Blacklock Meet the Makers

Blacklock is the result of years of exploration and research to see if we could achieve a product that solves some of the issues consumers face when using cast iron cookware, such as seasoning, weight, and handles that get hot. Here’s a look at how we achieved these revolutionary advancements so users like you can start cooking and creating memories today.

Triple seasoned™ for a natural, nonstick finish.
In 2002, Lodge was the first to introduce foundry-seasoned cast iron to the market. This made cast iron more accessible to those who were interested in cast iron cooking, but who had little-to-no experience. Consumers no longer had to season the cookware themselves at home. With Blacklock, we’ve baked three layers of seasoning onto each piece so the cookware arrives naturally nonstick, with exceptional flavor and a simplified cleanup. The result is similar to a well-loved, well-used cast iron pan the first time you use it.

There are three other main benefits of the triple seasoning: 

  1. Care & Cleaning: Triple seasoning makes it easy to clean due to the added layers of seasoning and protection.
  2. Convenience: Triple seasoned cast iron is now the most convenient cast iron cookware to use because it takes far less care and maintenance up front to get the desired results, perfect for everyday use.
  3. Resilience and Resistance: With classic cast iron pans, some foods may strip the seasoning on the first few uses. With triple seasoned iron, your cookware is far more resilient and can withstand tricky foods right off the bat without the risk of stripping the seasoning.
Cast thin to create lightweight cast iron.

Blacklock has been tried and tested. During the process of discovery, we poured our proprietary recipe of iron as thin as we could and tested below established limits to determine the exact measurement for optimum weight without sacrificing any of the quality or durability cast iron cookware is known for. The result? Blacklock has a weight reduction of up to 25% and has been reinvented to lift, carry, and handle with ease.

Revolutionary design for added comfort.

The primary handles on Blacklock pieces have been designed with a cool-V cutout in the center of the handle, which reduces the amount of iron in the handle to allow air to flow and keep it cooler longer. (Note: It is still made of iron, so prolonged use on a hot surface—or in the oven—will eventually heat up the handle.) The assist handles and dual-handled pans in the Blacklock line are all elevated with more space for your hand. They also provide great control. With each piece, you’ll find spatula-friendly sloped walls for a no-spill stir.


Just like all pieces of Lodge cast iron cookware, Blacklock is quality cookware made to stand the test of time. The durable craftsmanship behind the design and production prove it is safe to use on any cooking surface, indoors or outside. (Aside from a microwave, of course.) Cook anything, anywhere, any way, for 100 years!

Blacklock is available on our website, and it is also available in-store at Williams Sonoma. Check out the line today!

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