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Lodge Bakeware: Explore the new pans and reimagined favorites

By: Lodge Cast Iron / July 29, 2020

Meet Lodge’s new line of cast iron bakeware. Featuring eight expertly crafted products, the line draws on Lodge’s 125 years of experience to cast bakeware with unmatched durability that only gets better with age. Alongside the four new products, you may have noticed four familiar pans that have been reimagined to fit along with the entire line. Let’s take a look at what’s new and what’s changed with Lodge cast iron bakeware.

Lodge Cast Iron Bakeware

Introducing four new pans


Easy as pie

It would be impossible to count the number of requests we’ve received over the years for a cast iron pie pan. We heard and we answered. Meet the 9 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Pie Pan, made in the traditional pie size to fit homemade and store-bought crusts. It has a beautiful scalloped edge that makes it easy to deliver decorative treats to the table.  

Senior Designer Beth Paden loves serving food in the new pie pan. “When I host, I don’t want to dirty more dishes,” she said. “With the cast iron pie pan, I can bake and know the pan will hold the heat for a beautiful table presentation when I serve. Oh, and it also makes a great leave-behind gift if you’re a guest!” 

Pie Pan

Seasoned Cast Iron
Pie Pan

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Baking Pan

Seasoned Cast Iron Baking Pan

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Roast, bake, and more

If you ask around the Lodge campus, people can’t stop singing the praises of the new 15.5 x 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Baking Pan. For those who love to use cast iron for everything, this new size offers a substantial cooking surface and great versatility for oven creations. It’s the perfect size for baking cookies, making focaccia, and even roasting a whole chicken, delivering the same even heating and heat retention cast iron is known for but in a generous new size.

Copywriter Erin West swears by this piece for roasting vegetables. “It was the first thing I tried when testing this pan, and I’ll never roast vegetables another way. It gives you so much room to spread out the food and things get crisp in a short amount of time.”


A twist on a classic

Bakers have been using cast iron skillets for years to make cinnamon rolls, cornbread, cakes, and more. We wanted to develop a skillet intended just for bakers. The 10.25 Inch Baker’s Skillet is bound to become a favorite, moving in and out of ovens and resting in easy-to-reach spots, primed and ready to help you create delicious baked goods. 

Baker's Skillet

Seasoned Cast Iron Baker's Skillet

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Seasoned Cast Iron Casserole

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Calling all casseroles

What do you get with a traditional 9 x 13 pan, made out of cast iron? Defined edge pieces, even heating, high walls to hold even more food, and a generous cooking capacity. Layer flavors and cook for a crowd with the new 9 x 13 Inch Casserole. It pairs Lodge’s naturally seasoned cooking surface with cast iron’s great durability so you can serve memories for generations.

“The casserole pan is my does-it-all baking pan,” said Laura Candler, brand engagement manager at Lodge. “I've used it for roasting crispy-skinned chicken thighs and for baking pan pizza. The crust on the pizza is crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, just the way I like it. No other baking pan I own has such generous handles!”

Reimagined favorites

Cornstick Pan

Seasoned Cast Iron Cornstick Pan

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Have cornbread, will dunk

After a lot of research, we uncovered the ideal number of cornstick wells for the cornstick pan was six instead of the five- and seven-well designs in our two existing pans. While they’ve been fan-favorites over the years, we wanted the cornstick pan to universally fit the most popular cornbread mixes on the market today. With six cornsticks, the new pan does just that.

The new cornstick pan also has feet on the bottom to help it maintain balance on oven racks, minimizing the possibility of spilling or creating messes when taking the pan in and out of the oven.


Pizza night is back and better than ever

Our new 15 Inch Pizza Pan replaces the piece formerly known as the Baking Pan. Used for much more than pizza, this versatile pan has been well-loved for many years, barring one piece of feedback: Why can’t we bake to the edge? We took this feedback to heart from avid pizza bakers, chefs, and even Lodge employees and incorporated it into the new design. Now, you can bake to the edge with the pizza pan, getting true large-sized pizza with a crust that any restaurant would be envious of.

Pizza Pan

Seasoned Cast Iron
Pizza Pan

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Wedge Pan

Seasoned Cast Iron Wedge Pan

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Everyone gets an edge piece

For Lodge Cast Iron fans around the world, cast iron bakeware is nothing new. Our Wedge Pan, for example, has been a classic piece of Lodge’s cookware lineup for generations. When we began work on our new line, it made sense to consider how our existing pieces of bakeware would fit.

This resulted in an update to the Wedge Pan's handle design, moving from the long main handle to the same dual handle design as all other pieces of bakeware. This allows for easier maneuvering as you deliver the perfect single-serve slices to the table.


Say goodbye to clumsy thumbs

As we developed the new, larger pieces of bakeware, we knew dual handles would be the best solution for easily maneuvering around the kitchen. We then realized those same handles could be applied to existing pieces like the Loaf Pan, which, until now, was made without handles. They help keep thumbs out of the dough and batter as you bake for beautiful results every time.

The handles are cast thin and are easy to grip, giving the entire line a distinct and cohesive look.

“I think the handles are my favorite part of our new bakeware design,” said Kelly Peterson, product manager at Lodge Cast Iron. “They make it so easy to get each piece in and out of the oven. Having the same handles for each piece allowed us to develop unique silicone grips that snap onto the matching handles for a fun pop of color.” 


Loaf Pan

Seasoned Cast Iron
Loaf Pan

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What hasn’t changed in reimagined favorites?

The quality you’ve come to expect from Lodge Cast Iron products. Each piece is naturally seasoned, just like all of Lodge’s cast iron cookware, for an easy-release finish that improves over time, and home cooks everywhere will experience unmatched versatility as they make dishes from savory to sweet and everything in between. Unlike other materials, cast iron won’t dent, bend, or warp over time. That means you can bake for generations and your cast iron bakeware will only get stronger.

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Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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