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Our Top Tips for Decorating a Fluted Cake

By: Lodge Cast Iron / November 10, 2022

Our Fluted Cake Pan is a much-loved piece that bakes desserts that are perfect for decorating—but also pretty enough to serve entirely unfrosted. After baking your chosen recipe, turning out your freshly baked goodie, and letting your cake cool completely (this part is important!), check out some of our favorite ways to decorate a classic.

Decorated Fluted Cakes
rum cake

Minimal = beautiful. 

Keep it simple and let those flutes shine with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Or, serve that cake naked! The Fluted Cake Pan turns out beautifully golden, crisp edges that are show-stopping enough in their own right.

Fluted Cake Pan with Fruit

Keep it fresh with fruits.

Use fresh fruits to decorate a naked or iced cake, whether it’s berries, stone fruits, bananas, or even tropical fruits like pineapple. We also love to use candied fruit peels, pralines, or sugared cranberries to make a cake feel holiday-ready.

Pumpkin Cake

Make the shape work for you.

Take inspiration from that classic shape or those fluted edges to turn your cake into an imaginative, on-theme cake. Frost it in orange and add a stalk to create a pumpkin, decorate the top in pink and add confetti sprinkles to make your cake look like an oversized donut, or decorate the cake like a holiday wreath.

Celebration Cake

Flip the cake script—literally.

If you’re baking for a birthday or other candle-filled milestone, consider turning your cake upside down and decorating the flat top with lots of candles, frosting, and rosettes.

Peppermint & Ganache Chocolate Cake

Bring color and flavor to your glazes or icings.

Consider adding unique extracts to your glaze or icing, or even adding color to complement your cake. And don’t forget to let that icing or ganache fill in the center cavity: a cake slice with a nice helping of icing is one of the Fluted Cake Pan’s superpowers.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Don’t forget the frosting!

Just because this isn’t your traditional layer cake, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with frosting! We love to whip up a buttercream frosting or a cream cheese frosting to top off a Fluted Cake Pan beauty.

Spider Web Cake

Have fun!

Fluted Cake Pan is full of character, which means it’s ok to lean into fun, imaginative, and (dare we say!) kitschy decorations. Create a fun spider web on the cake for Halloween, or choose bright colors for a 50s-style throwback.

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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