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Recycling & Reuse: 2022 In Review

By: Lodge Cast Iron / April 19, 2023

Lodge cookware isn’t just good for cooking—it’s good for the planet. Read on to discover how we’ve turned our South Pittsburg foundries into a model of sustainable recycling and reuse.

Packing Department at Lodge Cast Iron

Since 1896, we’ve focused on doing right by our people, community, and customers—and that means taking care of this place we all call home. Our two South Pittsburg manufacturing facilities are both eco-friendly, with a focus on minimizing waste and reducing the footprint of our operations and our products. Since 1991, we’ve operated a Zero Hazardous Waste Foundry. We’re also proud to be a member of the Tennessee Green Star Partnership, which recognizes state industries committed to sustainability.

Within our foundries, you’ll find a focus on circularity, too: each charge of molten iron that goes into our sand molds to create cookware contains 45% recycled cast iron made from our own gating and scrap casting, as well as 10% recycled steel. In a typical year, this comes out to about 50 million tons of recycled metal poured directly into our nontoxic seasoned cast iron cookware.

Looking back on 2022, we purchased 5,300 tons of this recycled steel; we also recycled 337 tons of scrap metal, 320 tons of steel shot, and 3,200 gallons of our seasoning oil. 

Earth Day

While we place a lot of emphasis on putting recycled materials into our cookware, we’re also proud to manufacture products that stand the test of time without adding extra burden on our landfills and waste systems. Conventional wisdom says nonstick, chemically-coated pans should be replaced every five years—often making their way into the trash—but seasoned cast iron is not only good for life, it improves with time and use. Learn more about caring for your cast iron and keeping it in the family for generations with our helpful cleaning and care guides.

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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