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Cast Iron 101

What Size Cast Iron Skillet Do I Need?

By: Lodge Cast Iron / August 16, 2021

There are many factors that go into choosing the right cast iron skillet, so we broke it down for you. Use this guide to determine which size is right for you based on what you like to cook and how many people gather around your table.

Sizing Guide

What’s that skillet for?

What you’re cooking and the number of people you’re cooking for will inform what size skillet is best for you. For example, desserts and sides will work best in a smaller sized skillet, while family breakfasts and dinners to share will work well in larger skillets. Use the slider below to find out the best uses for each skillet.

"But, how many eggs?" you ask.

Sometimes it helps to have a visual. Use this infographic as a reference for how many eggs fit in each of our skillets — we’ve measured! 

How Many Eggs Infographic


Cast iron skillet sizing FAQs

If you are cooking breakfast for yourself, we recommend the 8 inch skillet, which fits about two eggs. If you are planning to use your skillet for dinner, we recommend a roomier skillet between 10.25 inch and 12 inch skillet.

A 12 inch skillet is great for a family of four. If you’d like to have leftovers, size up!

Depending on your menu and number of guests, use a skillet between the 13.25 inch and 15 inch skillet.

Our two most popular skillet sizes are the 10.25 inch and 12 inch and fit nicely on standard ranges. If you’re ready to feed a crowd, you’ll want a larger skillet. Just make sure your stovetop burner is appropriately sized for your cookware. You’ll want to make sure your stovetop will accommodate the newest member of your cast iron family. Consider the types of food you’ll cook most and size accordingly.

Trick question! Cast iron is at home on the stovetop and in the oven. The only limitation is finding enough fruit to make a 15 inch cobbler. That said, a 10.25 inch skillet will accommodate most pie crust recipes. Just make sure you have enough dough to cover the bottom and sides. Go any larger and you’ll need to adjust your oven temperature and time.