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Cast Iron Cleaning Tools For Any Mess

By: Lodge Cast Iron / November 22, 2022

Cast iron care doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you need advice on everyday cleaning or remedying a tough mess, this guide will help you find the right cleaning tool for your pots and pans. And if you’re stressed over a rusty piece of cast iron, we’ll show you how to restore your cookware back to its original glory.   

Scrub cloth

For everyday messes: 
The Everyday Scrub Cloth is perfect for daily use on your cast iron and enameled pieces. Because it’s made from a non-abrasive material, the cloth won’t remove seasoning or scratch surfaces. The textured and pliable design of the cloth makes it easy to get a good scrub on every inch of your cookware—even hard-to-reach spots. Plus, you can throw the cloth in your dishwasher for a like-new clean. 

For every corner and crevice: 
We wanted to design a scrub brush to reach every nook and cranny in our cookware, and developed the Corner & Groove Brush. It’s handy when it comes to bakeware, especially items that are cast with unique designs like the Cornstick Pan or Holiday Wreath Pan. However, the powers of this brush extend beyond bakeware. The dual brush head fits perfectly between the grooves of the ridges on our grill pans. Plus, the bottom of the brush has a pointed edge made of durable silicone to release burnt-on food from your pots and pans. Seriously, it does so much that we wrote an entire article about it

For outdoor cooking: 
When it comes to on-the-go cooking, you want a cleaning tool that’s super effective and easy to pack. You’ll want to bring your favorite scrub brush (any on this list will do!), but you should also throw in a Pan Scraper. Light, thin, and durable, a pan scraper will come in handy if you get stuck with burnt-on food because you were busy telling stories around the fire. 

For stuck-on food:  
Sometimes you leave your skillet on the heat for too long and food, marinades, or sauces gets stuck to the surface. That’s where the Chainmail Scrubber comes in to save the day. Combined with warm, soapy water, it’s tough on the messes you dread cleaning up. If the mess seems really burnt on to the cast iron, you can try to loosen it up by simmering water in the skillet for 3-5 minutes before using the chainmail scrubber. Once clean, be sure to allow the piece to dry completely and add a thin layer of oil to the surface.  

For your rusty skillet: 
No shame here! Rust happens, but because cast iron is designed to roll with the punches, it can be restored. Even the most seasoned folks on the Lodge team keep a Rust Eraser on hand. Paired with a little elbow grease and seasoning spray, you can revive rusty pots and pans in just a few steps. You can check out our step-by-step guide here. This guide won’t teach you how to forgive the person who put your skillet in the dishwasher—we’re still figuring that out.

For reseasoning your cast iron:
Every piece of cookware comes seasoned and ready to use from our foundry. One of the best ways to keep cast iron looking top-notch is simply by using it, however, every once in a while it can also be helpful to reseason your skillet. It’s an easy process, and you can learn exactly how to do it here. The Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit has everything you need to reseason your skillet, but also includes the tools you need for everyday upkeep. 

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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