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Recipe Round-Up

Top 10 Christmas Breakfast Recipes

Christmas morning is a magical time full of family, fun, and traditions. In the background of all this merrymaking, there’s always breakfast. Savory or sweet, shareable or cooked-to-order, this may just be our favorite breakfast of the year. This year, we collected our favorite Lodge recipes for Christmas breakfast (though they make a great start to the day all year long). Baked or griddled, fried or broiled, let’s tuck in for some very special breakfast treats.

Savory Sausage Dutch Baby

1. Savory Sausage Dutch Baby

The noble dutch baby is always a crowd pleaser, but we love this recipe for its hearty mix of vegetables and sausage. Add your favorite veggies to the mix to make it your own. Perfect fuel for a day of holiday fun.

Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

2. Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

The spice of the season meets a classic breakfast treat in this right-on-time recipe. Assemble rolls the night before and pop them in the oven on Christmas morning for an easy make-ahead treat that fills the house with yummy smells.

Candied Bacon Monkey Bread

3. Candied Bacon Monkey Bread

This is a crowd pleaser that’s welcome at any meal and combines our favorite breakfast flavors. Crispy bacon nestled in a slightly-spicy dough, and glazed in brown sugar. We call it a whole new take on pancakes and bacon.

Leafy Greens Frittata

4. Leafy Greens Frittata

Just because it’s the holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your leafy greens. This easy-as-can-be frittata is the perfect base for kale, collards, spinach, or any other green you love. Easy, fresh, and shareable: it’s a holiday miracle.

Strawberries & Cream Skillet Bread Pudding

5. Strawberries & Cream Skillet Bread Pudding

It’s dessert, with a breakfast-y twist. Top this delightful strawberries-and-cream skillet dish with a dollop of Greek yogurt for a fresh and tangy flavor. Swap any berry or stone fruit you love to make it your own.

Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Omelet

6. Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Omelet

Put your short-order chef to work with a fresh omelet recipe that's easy to make and is packed with savory flavor. Prep your ingredients the night before for a breakfast that comes together in under 10.

Homemade Apple Fritters

7. Homemade Apple Fritters

A classic donut batter meets its crunchy, sweet match in seasonal apples. These may take a bit more hands-on time but the result is worth it: a crave-worthy holiday favorite that pairs perfectly with cider or hot cocoa.

Briggs’ Buttermilk Biscuits

8. Briggs’ Buttermilk Biscuits

Nothing says breakfast like a flaky, tender biscuit. We love these puppies sandwiched with eggs, cheese, sausage gravy — or even just a bit of honey butter. The possibilities are endless (thankfully!) for this buttermilk mix that cooks up in your favorite skillet.

Corned Beef Skillet Hash With Eggs and Cheddar

9. Corned Beef Skillet Hash With Eggs and Cheddar

A deliciously savory breakfast in one skillet. This hearty breakfast comes together quickly and has something for everyone: golden potatoes, runny eggs, sharp cheddar, and yummy corned beef.

Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Casserole

10. Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Casserole

A great option when you’re feeding a crowd, this casserole features tortillas, eggs, black beans, and cheese, laced with a gloriously savory sauce and baked until perfectly melty. All the goodness of classic huevos rancheros, made in one casserole dish.

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