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Recipe Round-Up

7 Cozy Recipes to Fight the Winter Blues

During this time of year — with the holidays in the rearview, but a while to go until spring — it can be easy to feel, well, bored in the kitchen. With respect to the holiday table, we’re ready to move on. But with plunging temperatures and still-short days, we’re naturally craving something substantial. Delicious. And above all, cozy. In the Lodge kitchens, we turn to enamel cookware when we’re looking for a serving of inspiration: equal parts colorful and cozy, every piece is a five-star doldrum-fighter. Here are a few of our favorite recipes to help you stay warm and stay inspired with the most colorful cookware of all.

twice baked potato casserole

1. Twice Baked Potato Casserole

We took everyone’s favorite side dish and turned it into a casserole that happens to be a lot less work than the original. Topped with crispy bacon and bubbly cheddar, this dish is exactly the right amount or deliciousness for a mid-winter’s meal.

Buffalo Chicken Soup Recipe

2. Buffalo Chicken Soup

Throw a healthy kick into your winter menu with a creamy, satisfying, and spicy buffalo chicken soup. Get creative with your toppings to take this dish up a notch, from classic blue cheese to kicky pepper jack or a fresh chimichurri. 

Mushroom and White Wine Risotto

3. Mushroom and White Wine Risotto

Earthy mushrooms and warming broth meet their delicious match in our white wine risotto, which has the texture of oh-so-comfortable and the depth of white wine and parmesan. Perfect as a side or a hearty vegetarian main.

Braised Chicken

4. Braised Chicken

Nothing says winter like a slow-cooked chicken dish. We add pancetta, onions and golden raisins to this oven-braised dish to make a pan sauce that is delicious over rice or with crusty bread. Your weeknight chicken dinner just got an upgrade.

Chicken and dumpling in a Lodge dutch oven

5. Chicken and Dropped Buttermilk Dumplings

Put your dutch oven to good use by making a home-cooked broth as the base for this stew. We promise: it’s not as hard as it sounds, and the results are worth it. Reinforced with veggies and complemented with hearty dumplings, this classic is filed under “stick-to-your-bones delicious.”

Braised lamb with garnish over polenta

6. Braised Lamb With Carrots

We perched juicy braised lamb and seasonal, spiced apples on a beautiful bed of polenta for a luxuriously cozy winter dinner. Slow cooked to lock in flavor, dishes like this are exactly what enameled cast iron are made for.


7. Creamy Shrimp Corn Pasta

Seafood and summer veggies brighten up your winter table in this savory pasta dish, which gets a lavish topping of crumbled bacon and cornbread. Fresh herbs and parmesan round out this Lodge favorite.