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Outdoor Seasoned Cast Iron Care

Rediscover the tradition of cooking over an open fire.

There's just something about cooking with seasoned cast iron over an open flame. It conjures up images of rugged frontiersmen gathered around an evening campfire while exploring the Wild West, or of a delicious stew boiling in a colonial hearth. Open-fire cast iron cooking is deeply rooted in our path, and Lodge is proud to help you carry on the tradition.

camp dutch oven

Camp Dutch Ovens

Our seasoned cast iron Camp Dutch Ovens are designed for use directly in a campfire or suspended over fir using a camp tripod or a Fire and Cook Stand. Become a pro at outdoor cooking and discover how to keep your Camp Dutch Oven clean and perfectly seasoned.

How to use Camp Dutch Ovens




Up your outdoor cooking game with the Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All. This versatile piece of cookware has five different cooking configurations from only two pieces of iron to transform your campfire into an unparalleled culinary experience. Find out how to use the Cook-It-All and ways to cook up the best cuisine out in the wild.

How to use the Cook-It-All

Lodge Cook it all
Lodge Sportsman Grill

Sportsman's Pro Cast Iron Grill

The Sportsman's Pro Grill™ is a portable, yet rugged, hibachi-style grill that's perfect for picnics, tailgating, and backyard meals. Discover how to assemble and take care of this unique piece of cast iron cookware.

How to use the Sportsman's Pro Grill™

Chili in Cook-it-all by campfire

Adventure awaits!

Get versatile outdoor and camping cast iron cookware from the brand that's been trusted for over a century.

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