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Dolly x Lodge

The Dolly Parton Cast Iron Collection is here!

By: Lodge Cast Iron / March 14, 2024

Inspired by the music, the movies, and the icon

We are beyond thrilled to partner with this Tennessee icon and all-around rockstar for our new Dolly Parton Cast Iron collection. Just like Dolly, each piece is born to perform—whether you’re a collector, fan, or cast iron cook. Learn more about the pieces in this collaboration and the Dolly moments that inspired them.

Dolly Parton Cast Iron Collection
Dolly Parton Cast Iron Skillet

“I will always love you”

10.25 Inch Cast Iron Dolly Parton Skillet 

Inspired by the Tennessee icon herself, this cast iron skillet features a profile view of Dolly looking at a butterfly in flight. It celebrates all the ways that Dolly has transformed the way we see the world, and how she inspires everyone to live with a bigger heart.

With this Dolly Parton cast iron collection, we wanted to celebrate the person that Dolly is—with all her humility, humor, and kindness. She’s inspired generations through songs (and films!) like 9-to-5. She’s made us laugh through the tears with songs like “Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That.” And she wrote one of the all-time best love songs with “I Will Always Love You.” Through it all, Dolly has been the real deal—and inspired us all to be ourselves, too.

Dolly Parton Cast Iron Skillet

“Love is like a butterfly”

12 Inch Cast Iron Dolly Parton Skillet 

There’s something about Dolly’s music that inspires people to live with more love and tenderness, and a lot of that traces back to the symbols that Dolly uses in her most popular songs. Butterflies have always been special to Dolly, inspiring iconic albums and songs like “Love Is Like Butterfly.” 

As a child, Dolly would chase butterflies in her yard and was always drawn to their beauty. “I used to get lost in the woods, chasing them. I was not afraid of them, because they were so gentle,” Dolly writes in Songteller: My Life in Lyrics. “They were beautiful and colorful, and they were doing something, being productive and being harmless.” 

Dolly Parton Cast Iron Skillet

“Light of a clear blue morning”

13.25 Inch Cast Iron Dolly Parton Skillet 

Nothing gets our hearts soaring like enjoying a meal under the big, wide-open sky. This skillet is inspired by the Smoky Mountains—the region where Dolly grew up and where we’ve been cooking, camping (and spreading the word on cast iron) since forever. This piece celebrates the beauty of the region, as told through songs like “Tennessee Mountain Home.” 

But this skillet and the song that inspired it are also about the feeling that comes from asserting your independence. Dolly has called “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” a song of deliverance. Like some of Dolly’s greatest songs, it was written quickly—on a drive across Nashville in fact—and it has stood the test of time. 

Dolly Parton Cast Iron Skillet


Dolly Parton Guitar Mini Skillet 

We created this collector’s piece in honor of Dolly’s rockstar status, now and always. The skillet is perfect for a single portion of cornbread—but honestly, we’re happy just to hang it on the wall.

Dolly’s 2023 Rockstar album features a song of the same name that’s all about pursuing something bold.

Don't you ever give up on your dreams
No matter how far-fetched they seem
They may not be all that extreme
And I dreamed, I dreamed, I dreamed, I dreamed, I dreamed, I dreamed
I dreamed I was a rockstar.

We think everyone can relate, whether you’re acoustic, electric, or simply love to sing along in the car. To all the rockstars out there, we see you!

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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