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Enhanced New Features of the Sportsman’s Pro Cast Iron Grill

By: Lodge Cast Iron / February 1, 2022

The classic hibachi-style cast iron Sportsman’s Grill is back and better than ever! Having first joined the Lodge family of products in 1993, it soon became a fan favorite for decades. We’ve enhanced The Sportsman's Pro with new features that make it even easier for you to Savor the Outdoors™.

Cast Iron Sportsman's Pro Charcoal Grill
An innovative, streamlined design

Formerly consisting of six pieces, the Sportsman’s Pro has a streamlined four-piece design (grill base,  grill bowl, ash drawer, and grill grate), has a larger cooking surface, and is easier to move about with fewer moving parts. All you need to attach the two enclosed bolts to the grill bowl is a flathead screwdriver and an adjustable crescent wrench. Use the two enclosed Hook & Carry Handles to lift the grate to add coals, maneuver the grill, and slide the ash drawer to open or close.

Cast Iron Sportsman's Pro Charcoal Grill
Removable grill grate and ash drawer

The removable grill grate makes loading charcoal convenient. The slide-out ash drawer provides an easy and safe update to the draft door construction of the Classic Sportsman’s Grill. The drawer glides on rails for smooth removal of ash and easier cleanup. And according to Lodge’s in-house Chef Kris, being able to add coals and remove debris so efficiently ultimately means “you can feed folks faster.”

Cast Iron Sportsman's Pro Charcoal Grill
Dual air vents

Dual air vents on each side of the grill create a cross-draft that enables you to regulate airflow and control the heat more evenly as you cook from edge to edge of the grill. When it comes to adjusting the draft, remember that the more oxygen that enters, the hotter the fire will be. Leave the air vents wide open when cooking quick-sear foods such as thinner steaks and pork chops; halfway open for burgers, brats, and thicker cuts of meat; and mostly closed for toasting bread and lowering the heat on thicker cuts of meat to achieve the desired internal doneness.

“The Sportsman’s Pro is thoughtfully crafted to create a great outdoor experience. My favorite feature is the sliding ash drawer, which features two important benefits: It allows you to adjust the two-vent system, which provides a nice, evenly heated cooking surface. And removing the drawer to empty the ash after cooking couldn’t be simpler!”

—Kelly, Senior Product Manager at Lodge

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Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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