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Legacy Series

Introducing the Bacon & Egg Griddle

By: Lodge Cast Iron / February 13, 2020

Rise & shine! Ready to make the perfect breakfast? Simply grab our remastered Bacon & Egg Griddle, the newest Legacy Series item, to get started. Learn why everyday cooks and chefs alike will love making the most important meal of the day in this versatile griddle.

Cast Iron Bacon and Egg Griddle with steak and eggs
Breakfast on the Lodge Cast Iron bacon and egg griddle.

Why the Bacon & Egg Griddle?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and here at Lodge, we love breakfast food. (After all, there’s an egg in our logo.) As we enter a new decade and our third installment of the Legacy Series, we decided to celebrate the love of our favorite meal and reintroduce a pan that was a beloved part of our product lineup for many years: the Bacon & Egg Griddle. With three, fully-divided sections, this remastered griddle makes breakfast fun. 

You can find a glimpse of this griddle in our 1930 product catalog, with two sunnyside eggs for eyes and slices of bacon for a smile. It was one of the only pieces of cookware with illustrated food in this catalog, so we can only assume our team was so excited about this griddle, they felt it was worth an extra dose of fun. Just like in 1930, we’re happy to bring some extra fun to breakfast with this Bacon & Egg Griddle.

What makes the new Bacon & Egg Griddle different from the original griddle?

Unlike any other piece of cast iron cookware on the market today, this divided griddle has universal appeal for everyday use. From preparing three different items at a time without mixing tastes or textures to easily serving from stove to table, this griddle opens up so many meal possibilities. 

In the re-imagining of the Bacon & Egg Griddle, we made the following changes to the design:

  1. Fully connected section dividers to keep your food separate unless you choose to mix flavors.
  2. A large pour spout, inspired by vintage designs, but with modern improvements that make it easier to drain grease from your pan before serving. 
  3. Seasoned and ready-to-use, the new griddle includes Lodge branding, and comes with an updated comfortable handle for easy lift and carry. The original stadium shape of the griddle remains the same.

What is the Legacy Series?

The Lodge family has been making heirloom-quality cast iron cookware in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, since 1896. Over the years, Lodge has introduced and retired many designs, and we often receive requests to bring back some of our most-beloved items. We take pride in the fact that people use (and cherish) the cast iron products we make every single day. It’s a legacy created by our founder and great-grandfather Joseph Lodge that we are grateful to continue.

In the Lodge Cast Iron Legacy Series, a special edition Lodge item will be resurrected from the Lodge Vault for a new generation. Each item in the series is a remastered version of a retired product from one of our historic catalogs, which date back to 1896. 

The first item in the Legacy Series was the Fluted Cake Pan. It returned to the Lodge Vault in December 2019. The Fish Pan followed as the second installment and will be available until the end of 2020! The Bacon & Egg Griddle is the third release. The next item will come in 2021. 


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