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Cast Iron Love Letter

Ode to a Griddle

By: Lodge Cast Iron / June 1, 2022

For people who love cast iron, it’s hard to play favorites. But across Lodge, so many of us hold the humble griddle dear. The low side-walls and seasoned surface make it packable, storable, bakeable, grillable, and generally so fun to cook with.

Egg Rings on griddle


Like so much cast iron cookware, griddles get passed down between generations and every family has a different way to put the piece to use. Our team loves them for breakfast, of course, but we also use them on the grill or in the oven. Maybe it’s the simple-but-smart design, or maybe it’s all those great, eggy memories we share, but our #GriddleLove runs deep. Learn more about what makes a griddle, a griddle and follow along as we share a few of our favorite reasons to love this cast iron original (spoiler alert: pancakes).

Grilled Cheese and chips on plates

Grilled cheese glory

The griddle’s perfectly flat surface and low side walls make grilling and flipping a breeze. Keep it simple with bread and a little cheddar, or get creative with our Graduated Grilled Cheese. Pro tip: we’ve heard you can spread mayo on the outside of a grilled cheese before cooking to get a crusty toast, but a knob of butter always works wonders, too.

Crispy biscuit bottoms

The cast iron griddle has a few tricks up its sleeve. Need to reheat a day-old biscuit or bake a store-bought one? A cast iron griddle in the oven is perfect for freshening up a few biscuits and will get those bottoms crispy. Try our reheat method on a batch of Briggs’ Buttermilk Biscuits.

LLBEG Steak and Eggs

Diner-worthy eggs

Steak and eggs. Bacon and eggs. Eggs and eggs. The griddle’s wonderfully flat flipping surface makes it a fried egg’s best buddy. Plus, a cast iron griddle has the benefit of improving with age and use, taking on that same non-stick goodness as the griddle at your favorite diner.

Homemade tortillas

Fresh tortillas are fun to make and add a whole new level of flavor to your meal. Soft, warm, chewy — they are a treat worth working for. After you’ve griddled your fresh corn tortillas, grab a few eggs for Huevos Rancheros.

pancakes and fruit on table

Pancake perfection

Silver dollar or full on flapjack, the griddle is made for classic pancakes—especially our 10.5 inch Cast Iron Griddle, which we call the 9OG. Chef Kris Stubblefield puts it best: “Every time I think about the 9OG, I say internally, ‘original griddle.’ The 9OG to me is the original gangster of breakfast. Silver dollar pancakes, and fried eggs all the way.”

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