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Our Most Accessible Cast Iron Cookware & Gear

By: Lodge Cast Iron / July 18, 2023

At Lodge, we pride ourselves on making cast iron cooking something every person can enjoy, whether we’re creating multitasking pieces you can cook anything in, or serving up accessories that make cleaning, cooking, and storage simple. Kaleigh Dandeneau is a Junior Designer at Lodge and champions accessibility in her work, her art, and even her kitchen. “Keeping accessible cookware around is a huge must,” she says. “Plus, finding accessories that make cooking and clean-up easier are the key to successful meal making!” Check out a list of our most accessible cookware products and gear, picked by Kaleigh and designed to make cooking more fun for everyone.

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Accessible Cookware

Ratatouille in dual handle pan on rustic table
Dual-Handle Pans

Available in lots of sizes—from 8 inches to 17 inches across—these pans function exactly like our classic cast iron skillets, but instead of a primary handle, the dual-handle pans feature two loop handles on each side, making them easier to grip and lift. “I love exploring new recipes, but I often have trouble lifting heavy cookware,” says Kaleigh. “Lodge cast iron products that feature dual or assist handles keep me in the kitchen longer—and keep me safer!”

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Grilled Ribeyes & Summer Veggies
Blacklock™ Triple Seasoned Cast Iron

Blacklock is our most advanced cookware: it’s triple-seasoned to make it nonstick from the start, plus each piece is cast using a proprietary method that makes the iron lightweight. The line includes skillets, braisers, dutch ovens, and grill pans and delivers light but long-lasting performance. “Lightweight and easy to clean products are staples in my accessible kitchen,” says Kaleigh.

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Carbon Steel CRSGR11
Seasoned Carbon Steel

Just like our classic seasoned cast iron, seasoned carbon steel helps deliver incredible sear and long-lasting performance. It’s also beloved by professional chefs because it heats and cools quickly, lasts forever, and is very lightweight. Our pieces are available with primary handles as well as dual loop handles, and include griddles and skillets.

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Cornbread Panzanella & Peach Browned Butter
USA Enamel™ Dutch Ovens

Each piece of USA Enamel was designed right here in Tennessee, and we considered every detail to make these pots as beautiful as they are high-performing. In addition to sturdy loop handles, the custom knob on the lid is designed for a better grip, with extra height and a grabbable shape.

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Classic Quiche
Cast Iron Bakeware

Every item in our bakeware collection features loop handles that are easy to grip, plus, they keep hands out of the dough. Our silicone bakeware grips are specially designed for getting a good hold on items and are entirely oven-safe.

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Accessible Gear & Accessories


Our stainless steel tongs provide a different angle for gripping foods, helping you flip, stir, or sauté. Plus, the 16 inch length helps extend your reach over larger pans.

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Silicone Trivets

We love how this one product can do so much. Use it to grip hot items, to get a non-slip hold on a handle (or jar!), or even as a liner under a dish to avoid slippage.

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Handle Holders

If you love to use cookware with a primary handle, our Hot Handle Holders make for a stronger grip, plus they’ll protect your hands from heat up to 500˚ F. They’re available in a variety of bright colors, too, for great visibility.

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Everyday Scrub Cloth

This simple tool does so much, making cleaning cast iron or enameled cast iron a breeze. The non-abrasive surface won’t damage seasoning, but the special cotton deep-cleans without too much elbow-grease.

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Cookware Organizer

Keep your favorite pans close at hand with our cookware organizer, which can be used vertically or horizontally; in cabinets or on the countertop. “I love keeping my cookware close and easy to grab,” says Kaleigh. “I’ve stacked my cookware organizer with lightweight skillets and products with assist handles so I can pull everything out quicker and safer. No more bending down or straining my wrists!”

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