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15 Recipes for At-home Cast Iron Cooking

By: Lodge Cast Iron / March 20, 2020

With cities and states all across the U.S. shuttering restaurant dining rooms and issuing decrees of self isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we imagine the amount of at-home cooking will continue to soar over the next few weeks. We’re here to help you navigate ideas and meal plans for cast iron cooking. 

Though we’ll be missing time at our favorite local spots, the Lodge Team is leaning into this opportunity to dust off old favorites, try new dishes, and nourish ourselves well at home. Check out some of our go-to, at-home recipes below.

Healthy Dinners for a Boost

Even though we’re likely spending a lot of time in a safe space, it’s still important to eat right and keep our immune systems strong. This time of year there’s an onslaught of seasonal vegetables and greens available and we’re finding ways to incorporate those into our cast iron skillet meals for the many health benefits they provide. We're also eating lean protein, like salmon and chicken, for heart health and other benefits, like Omega-3s.

Pantry Staple Meals

For those of us in more affected communities, it may be harder to get to the store for fresh ingredients. Several of us at Lodge find these recipes to be reliable for those times where all we have access to is our pantry. Take a look at your staples and put on your thinking cap. Chances are you have the makings of several meals already at home. And if you have a cast iron skillet or dutch oven, you're all set with the only cookware you need to make these dishes.

Comfort Food Forever

We believe in comfort food; that there is such a thing as eating a beloved dish that makes you feel like you’re calmly wrapped in a blanket and the only thing that matters in that moment is that you’re nourished. (What can we say? We believe cornbread is a basic food group, after all.) There is one great benefit to making a big cast iron skillet/dutch oven/casserole dish full of your favorite comfort food: leftovers. At a time like this, leftovers can ensure that each dish lasts you longer than one meal.

Desserts, Just Because

There may be some days where the only thing that will soothe the mixture of emotions and uncertainty is a big helping of a decadent, sweet dessert. We chose several recipes that require minimal ingredients, most of which you may already have at home. The best part? There’s something for everyone. The Skillet S’mores Dip can make an evening stuck inside feel like a camping adventure. The Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie is a classic and the Blueberry Ricotta Skillet Cake is perfect for folks who love fruit desserts and something a little less sweet. Enjoy!

Breakfast Made Better

A typical weekday morning may find many of us with a basic breakfast as we go through the motions of our routine in an effort to get out the door on time. With our new reality of closed schools and remote work, breakfast has become a totally different ballgame. We’re making the most of our newfound lack of a commute by preparing a breakfast for the whole family that uses some staples we already have at home.