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Savor the outdoors™

Get mouth-watering grill marks and fantastic seared flavor at home with Lodge cast iron grilling items. Crafted in America with iron and oil, their naturally seasoned cooking surfaces are ready to help you create tasty moments.

Oh, say can you sear.

Whether you’re cooking outside or with a grill pan inside, choose cast iron for delicious results that impress every palate.

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Kickoff Grill

Introducing the Kickoff Grill

Hosting a backyard cookout? This 2-piece charcoal grill is the perfect tool. With a spacious 12 inch round grilling surface and easy-to-adjust draft system, our Kickoff Grill will help you handle any game-day needs. 

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"Lodge is one of the top brands for cast iron cookware. Virtually indestructible, if treated properly, this pan can last for years without losing its quality or cooking prowess."

Rolling Stone

Grilling in Cast Iron

The Lodge Advantage

There are few things in life that compare to pulling food off the grill with the perfect sear. With Lodge cast iron grilling items, you get:

Reliable durability. Each piece is made with expert quality and superior strength that lasts season over season, allowing you to create flavorful and memorable moments for years.
Versatility. From smoking your favorite meat to charring up seasonal veggies on the grill, over a fire, or on your kitchen stove, the full line can be mixed and matched and used in a variety of ways to create mouth-watering meals straight from your backyard. 
Expert craftsmanship. All Lodge cast iron products have been proudly made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, since 1896, giving you 125 years of cast iron expertise at your fingertips.


What should I grill with my cast iron?

Anything you want! The bonus of grilling with cast iron? It’s made for so much more than meat. Try your hand at making pizza on the grill. Sauté vegetables for the perfect side. You can even grill fruit for dessert. Whatever you make, it’s easy to imagine the unanimous response of “yum”.


Cast iron grilling FAQs


Cast in Lodge’s iconic teardrop design, the holes keep food from falling through the grate while infusing your food with a smoky grill flavor. Coupled with the unparalleled heat retention of cast iron, these pieces will transform your everyday grilling into something extraordinary.

The grill topper has low sidewalls that are ideal for searing and turning seafood, burgers, and kebabs effortlessly, all while capitalizing on flame-kissed flavors from the grill. The grilling basket has higher sidewalls perfect for stirring veggies or shrimp without worrying about food falling through the grates. In both pieces, the holes infuse your food with a smoky grill flavor.

The Lodge Smoker Skillet is the perfect tool to use for imparting a smoky flavor into your backyard creations. This cast iron smoker skillet was designed to add smoky flavors to the convenience of gas grilling. Holes in the base and lid allow wood chips to smoke quickly without catching fire. One charge of wood chips is enough to add a smoky complexity to your food. The smoker skillet can be emptied and refilled easily to keep your gas grill smoking longer.

Unlike other smoker boxes on the market, the Lodge Smoker Skillet is easy to handle and maneuver thanks to the primary handle and the lid's handle.

Wood chips are smaller pieces of dried hardwood that will fit easily inside your smoker skillet. From apple and cherry to hickory and mesquite, all are welcome in your smoker skillet. You can also add other aromatic elements like rosemary or citrus peel to step up your flavor game.

  1. Preheat your gas grill over medium-high heat, covered.  
  2. Add up to 2 cups of wood chips to the smoker skillet and top with the lid.  
  3. Place the smoker skillet toward the back of the grill and close the lid. Allow the Smoker Skillet to heat until it begins to smoke, 10-15 minutes.  
  4. Once it starts to smoke, lower the heat on the burners not directly above skillet to the desired setting. *Remember to keep the grill closed to ensure the maximum amount of smoky flavor is being imparted into the food.  
  5. Fully charged, the smoker skillet will continue to smoke for about 30 minutes. 
  6. Empty the ash from your smoker skillet in an appropriate container. To ensure the embers are fully extinguished, it’s a good idea to soak them with water before discarding them in the trash or adding them to your fire pit.  

Yes! Pairing the burger press with a skillet or griddle is a smashing way to make diner-style burgers in the comfort of your own home or backyard. 

Keep in mind the burger press isn’t just for burgers. It can be used as a grill press/steak weight to help ensure even contact with the grill grate for even better grill lines.

No, the press can be used to shape uniform patties off the grill before adding them to the heat. We recommend using a piece of parchment paper between the press and the food to make smashing a breeze with no mess.

Grill Pan

Forecast not ideal for an outdoor feast?

No need to worry. Even if the weather does not cooperate for your cookout plans, Lodge has the grill pans you need to get that perfect cast iron sear every time—even if you're cooking inside.

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