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Lodge Retires Made in America Series™ Rosie the Riveter Skillet

On International Women's Day last year, we released a Rosie the Riveter Skillet as the next design in our Made in America Series. For us, Rosie the Riveter represents and highlights the important role women have played in our country’s rich manufacturing history. We were overwhelmed by the excitement surrounding this design and loved hearing your stories. Thank you for your support of this special release.

Rosie the Riveter, Retired

Thank you for supporting Rosie!

Like all of our Made in America Series skillets, the Rosie design was only around for a limited time. Though it has been retired, the love and support we felt this year lives on. From your loving comments to your participation in our Halloween Rosie Costume Contest, thank you to our pan fans for the continuing support of women in manufacturing!


Rosie at the Foundry
Rosie in Finishing

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