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It's time to savor the outdoors™

Few things in life compare to cooking over an open fire or pulling food off the grill with the perfect sear. Whether you’re cooking outside or with a grill pan inside, choose cast iron for delicious results that impress every palate. First day of summer? We have a grill for your backyard barbecue. Game day? Our dual handle pans fit perfectly on the grill. Dinner party? Try our brand new grill topper to sear veggies. Camping trip? We have the cast iron you need to celebrate each and every occasion. 

Kickoff Grill

New Releases

Meet our 5 new must-have pieces of cast iron grillware, including a portable, 2-piece grill you can take on any outdoor adventure! Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a vacationer, or a tailgater, use these new pieces to turn your grill into a short-order kitchen and infuse your food with delicious grill flavor.


Get mouth-watering grill marks and fantastic seared flavor with these grilling essentials. They will be #1 for meals because you can create masterpieces at home.

L14CIA, Cook-It-All Feature


 With 5 cooking configurations from only 2 pieces of iron, the Cook-It-All brings a whole world of culinary possibilities to your campsite.

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Dual Handle Pans

Thanks to the dual-handle design of these Lodge cast iron pans, they fit perfectly on the grill and even save space on storage!

Carbon Steel

There’s a reason why chefs all over the world reach for these seasoned carbon steel pans at work. The durable, lightweight design can handle continuous high-heat, making them the ideal tool for searing on the grill. 


For a show-stopping presentation at your next party, use Lodge cast iron serveware to cook and deliver sizzling food to the table. Your guests will be impressed.


Make the most of every outdoor cooking experience when you have the right tools to build fires, baste meat, flip foods, and serve.

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