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Introducing the New Cast Iron Kickoff Grill

By: Lodge Cast Iron / August 3, 2021

Turn any outdoor gathering into a cookout with our new compact cast iron grill. Discover why our innovative Kickoff Grill will be your must-have outdoor cookware for a lifetime of celebrations.

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Ready, Set, Grill!

Top-down view of hamburgers grilling on the new Lodge cast iron Kickoff Grill.

There’s nothing quite like juicy hamburgers, sizzling steaks, or veggie kabobs fresh off the grill. With each bite you can taste the added smoky flavors that you can only get from cooking over a flame. With the tabletop cast iron Kickoff Grill, you can bring the charcoal-grilled flavor with you wherever the party may go.

Take the compact 12 Inch Cast Iron Kickoff Grill with you on vacation, to the stadium parking lot for tailgating, or set it up in your backyard for a weekend cookout. The two-piece design requires no assembly, and with a simple twist, you can adjust the draft as you cook. Cooking over coals has never been easier.

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“Lodge’s Kickoff Grill is ready to tackle any of your outdoor grilling needs. Its adjustable draft system makes pivoting from hot-and-fast to low-and-slow a game-time decision. I know this grill will become the all-star at your next family gathering or weekend away.” 

Kris, Chef at Lodge Cast Iron

Let’s Get Grilling

How to use the Kickoff Grill

Just like all of our cast iron cookware, we’ve seasoned the Kickoff Grill right in our foundry, making it ready to use and easy to care for. Follow these easy steps to get started grilling:

  1. Place the cast iron grill on the ground, concrete, an outdoor cooking table, or cinder blocks.
  2. Use a chimney starter to light your charcoal, then place the lit coals in the base of the Kickoff Grill.
  3. Use the included Hook & Carry Handles to set the domed grill grate on top of the base. You can rotate the grill grate to adjust the airflow to dial in the temperature.
  4. Remove the grill grate with the Hook & Carry Handles to add more coals as needed.
  5. Apply oil to the grill to avoid food sticking.
  6. Cook your food and enjoy.
lit charcoal is poured out of a chimney starter onto the base of the cast iron Kickoff Grill

Cast Iron Grilling Recipes

Not sure what to grill for your cookout or other celebrations? Get inspired by our favorite cast iron grilling recipes below. 

Accessories for the Kickoff Grill

Make the most of your Kickoff Grill with our outdoor grilling accessories.

A person uses the hook and carry handles to place to the grill grate dome top onto the base of the Kickoff Grill

Get Your Kickoff Grill Today!

Kickoff the fun at any gathering with the tabletop cast iron Kickoff Grill.

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