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Let's mmmm y'all!

Stock your pantry with something mmmm!

Introducing Lodge Skillet Cornbread Mixes & Sear Blends 

Real cooks and eaters know what matters most is can’t-miss-it, stop-y’all-in-your-tracks authentic flavor (the more, the better). And at Lodge, we're all for the real ones! Get to know our new Skillet Cornbread Mixes and Sear Blends.

Shop Skillet Cornbread Mix

Meet the mixes (and go ahead and stock up). Packed full of big flavor, they do their best work in your favorite piece of cast iron.

Skillet Cornbread Mix, True Southern
Lodge Skillet Cornbread Mix
True Southern, 16 oz
Skillet Cornbread Mix, Sweet Spot
Lodge Skillet Cornbread Mix
Sweet Spot, 16 oz
Skillet Cornbread Mix, Sweet as Honey
Lodge Skillet Cornbread Mix
Sweet as Honey, 17.4 oz
Skillet Cornbread Mix, Hotshot Jalapeno
Lodge Skillet Cornbread Mix
Hotshot Jalapeño, 17.4 oz
Let's mmmm y'all! Cornbread Pattern

For the love of cornbread, try them all!

Shop our variety pack to take home all four flavors of Lodge Skillet Cornbread Mix.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread Mixes, Variety Pack
Lodge Skillet Cornbread
Variety Pack

Shop Skillet Cornbread Multi-Packs

Whether you're cooking for a crowd or simply can't get enough cornbread, shop multi-packs and bring home even more authentic flavor.

Square cornbread image


The secret to great cornbread? Cast iron!

If you love to make cornbread, you've probably got a few secret strategies for turning out the perfect loaf, starting with a great cast iron pan. We compiled our top tips for making crispy, crunchy, delicious cornbread. 


Shop Skillet Cornbread Mix Sets

Make a gift of our Skillet Cornbread Mixes with specialty bundles that combine our favorite pieces of cast iron, accessories, and of course, great cornbread.

Wedges, muffins, skillets, and more: make your cornbread in any cast iron pan!

Making your cornbread in a skillet? Great! How about a wedge pan? Love to see it. Find a full list of our pan conversions (and cornbread yields) made specially for Lodge Cornbread Mixes.

Cornbread pan conversions

wedge pan

Shop Sear Blends

When you love to grill, you tend to love big flavor. Lodge Sear Blends pack in great, fresh flavors that complement cast iron cooking, grilling, and of course, searing.

kick sear blend
Lodge Sear Blend
Southwest Kick, 5.8 oz
TN Smoke Sear Blend
Lodge Sear Blend
Tennessee Smoke, 6.4 oz
Garlic Herb Sear Blend
Lodge Sear Blend
Fireside Garlic & Herb, 4.8 oz
citrus sear blend
Lodge Sear Blend
Sizzling Citrus, 5.3 oz
mmmm y'all spices image

Spice it up, and try them all!

Shop our variety pack to take home all four flavors of Lodge Sear Blends.

Sear Blend Variety Pack
Lodge Sear Blends
Variety Pack

Cook along with us and share what you’re making @lodgecastiron.