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Introducing Lodge Skillet Cornbread Mixes & Sear Blends 

Real cooks and eaters know what matters most is can’t-miss-it, stop-y’all-in-your-tracks authentic flavor (the more, the better). And at Lodge, we're all for the real ones! Get to know our new Skillet Cornbread Mixes and Sear Blends.

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Meet the mixes (and go ahead and stock up). Packed full of big flavor, they do their best work in your favorite piece of cast iron.

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At Lodge, we’re big on sizzle, sear, and, of course, flavor! Use them over the grill, stove, or even in the oven—all those places cast iron does its best work.

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We took our favorite pieces of iron and paired them with our Skillet Cornbread Mixes. Complete your kitchen or treat the cornbread lover in your life to the perfect gift. 

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What’s the magic behind cast iron cooking?

Let’s start with the fact that it’s made from just iron and oil. That means you get a naturally nonstick finish, so you can easily turn out cornbread, sear steaks, and fry eggs. Then there’s cast iron’s unmatched heat retention. That’s what’s responsible for delivering crispy cornbread crusts and mouthwatering sear marks you can’t match with other pieces of cookware. Plus, cast iron’s at home wherever you cook, from kitchen, to grill, to campfire. But if you ask someone from Lodge why they love cooking with cast iron, the usual response goes like this: Food just tastes better.

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