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Cleaning & Care

Love your Lodge cookware, and it will love you back for a lifetime.

Seasoned Cast Iron

Seasoned Cast Iron

Learn everything you need to know about Lodge cast iron cookware. We'll teach you all about seasoning and walk you through the steps to clean cast iron pots and pans. You've got this!




Cast Iron vs. Carbon Steel

Cooking with Cast Iron

Lodge Outdoor

Outdoor Cookware

Whether you’re cooking over a campfire after a long day of fishing, or grilling at a tailgate before the big game, our camp Dutch ovens, Cook-It-All, and Sportsman's Pro Cast Iron Grill™ are specifically designed for outdoor cooking. Learn how to clean and take care of outdoor cast iron cookware.

Sportsman's Pro Grill


Camp Dutch Ovens

Lodge Enamled Cast Iron

Enameled Cast Iron

Keep your Lodge enameled cast iron cookware in great shape with these simple care and cleaning tips.

Lodge Serveware

Heat-Treated Serveware

The biggest difference between traditional cast iron and our heat-treated iron? You can put heat-treated iron in the dishwasher. 

Enamled Cast Iron

Carbon Steel

Like cast iron, carbon steel cookware takes a little care and maintenance. Follow our simple and easy cleaning instructions for years of use.

Lodge Stoneware


View our care and cleaning guide to keep your Lodge stoneware well maintained and ready to serve pies, casseroles, and sides.



Learn how to clean and care for Lodge glass lids and underliners.

Lodge Food
Cast iron Accessories

Treat Yourself to Lodge.

Find heirloom-quality cookware, accessories, and cleaning products, all in one place.

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