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Registry Guide

6 Pieces of Cast Iron to Add to your Registry

By: Lodge Cast Iron / June 16, 2022

Getting married? Congratulations! Now it's time to get your kitchen ready for newlywed life. Check out our favorite registry-ready items made for couples who know that the best recipes are the ones you make together.

Registry Guide: Skillets


Classic Cast Iron Skillet

Our classic cast iron skillet is beloved for a reason. Great heat retention. Naturally seasoned and ready to cook right out of the box. And versatile enough to move from stove-top to oven to grill top. Choose the size that’s right for you: 10.25” is perfect for a one-skillet meal you can share, or you can go big and feed a crowd with 15” of cast iron perfection.

Kickoff Grill

Grilling brings people together—especially when you’ve got a go-anywhere, do-anything grill like this. Whether you’re going to a season-opener tailgate or a camping trip under the stars, our Kickoff Grill is a perfect third wheel.


Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Crispy, restaurant-style crust has nothing on this cast iron pizza pan—plus, you can use it on the grill. We love to get creative and use this multi-tasker for cookies and quesadillas. Its naturally seasoned cooking surface delivers great results and doesn't dent, bend, or warp at high temperatures. 


Blacklock Braiser with Lid

For couples who have been cooking together for a while and love the versatility of cast iron, our Blacklock braiser brings light-weight, chef-inspired, premium cookware to your stovetop. Add to your current cast iron collection and prepare to be amazed by the beautiful recipes you dream up together.


Dessert for Two Set

What better time to start a few new traditions in your home? Our Dessert for Two Set helps you serve up sweet new memories while putting the heat-retaining power of cast iron in new and imaginative ways. 


USA Enamel™ Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This American-made dutch oven is as beautiful as it is versatile. It moves from stove-top to oven easily, and is a showstopper for serving up holiday meals with your new family.

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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