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Practical Gifts for Anyone on Your List

By: Lodge Cast Iron / October 27, 2022

Cast iron is one of the most practical gifts you can give: it’s durable, versatile, and can cook anything, anywhere. Plus, it lasts a lifetime. When you’re looking for a thoughtful piece to give during the holidays, for a housewarming party, or as a wedding present, cast iron has got you covered. Read on for our favorite reliable (but never boring) practical gifts.

Beginner's Guide to Cast Iron
Cast Iron Skillet 

The cast iron skillet is what we’re known for—and for good reason! It’s seasoned and ready to use, so your giftee can start cooking right away. They’ll reach for it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus it can be taken beyond the kitchen for grilling and campfire cooking. 

Buy the Cast Iron Skillet 

Cinnamon Twists Recipe
Cast Iron Baking Pan 

This piece is capable of so much more than just baking cookies. Whip up one-pan dinners, roast veggies, or prep appetizers—the trusty baking pan is a friend to bakers and home cooks alike.

Buy the Cast Iron Baking Pan 

Enamel Dutch Oven
Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

Enameled cast iron is a game-changer in the kitchen—especially when it comes to slow-cooking soups and chilis, baking bread, or simmering sauces. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors and look beautiful displayed on your stovetop.

Buy the Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

Combo Cooker
3.2 Quart Combo Cooker 

The Combo Cooker wraps the functionality of a dutch oven, skillet, and deep skillet in one piece of cast iron, plus it comes with a lid. It’s great for braising meat, frying chicken, or making chili, but it’s also our secret weapon when it comes to sourdough. Many bakers use the lid as the base and top it with the skillet to create the perfect cast iron bread oven. 

Buy the 3.2 Quart Combo Cooker 

Scrub cloth
Everyday Scrub Cloth

The Everyday Scrub Cloth might be our most versatile cleaning tool yet! Not only can if be used on cast iron and enamel, it can also be used to scrub veggies clean. Did we mention that it’s biodegradable and eco-friendly?

Buy the Everyday Scrub Cloth

Seasoning Spray, nylon scrub brush, pan scraper and silicone handle holder sit next to a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.
Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit 

If the person you’re buying for is already a cast iron fan, this kit can help them keep their cookware in tip-top shape for generations of delicious memories. Plus, it features a compact scrub brush that’s only available in this kit. In our opinion, any tool that helps with dish duty makes a great gift. 

Buy the Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit 

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Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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