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What Lodge Employees are Gifting for Wedding Season

By: Lodge Cast Iron / July 12, 2022

It seems like we’re all attending more weddings than ever this year, which means more opportunities to gift something fun that will keep couples around the table for years to come. We chatted with Lodge employees and asked them: what’s your gift of choice when you RSVP to a wedding? Use this guide to inspire your buying as you prepare for wedding season, and happy gifting!

Coq au Vin
Regan Vasquez, Videographer

"My favorite Lodge item to give to my newlywed friends is the 12 inch Blacklock Skillet. The lightweight design makes it super easy to handle and the size is perfect for making a two-person meal. It lasts forever, so you can use it in the kitchen or take it on a cute weekend getaway to the mountains with your partner."

Blacklock *17* Braiser With Lid
Austin Eck, Associate Product Manager

"I have a few go-to gifts that I choose from during wedding season. The first is the Blacklock Braiser. It is the perfect cookware piece for a couple starting their lives together. It is the ultimate cookware piece for a one-pan meal, and it is great for a warm, hearty meal when the weather cools. Plus, it’s triple seasoned, so you’ll have fantastic results right out of the box. The Chef Collection 2 Piece Set is another perfect option. This set is a great entry point for cast iron cooking. Plus, two skillets can make cooking more communal for a couple. One person can focus on the main dish while the other takes on the sides."

Kris Stubblefield, Chef 

"I’ve gifted a lot of cast iron cookware in my 10 years at Lodge. There’s no better gift to give someone than a piece of cast iron that’ll be passed down for generations. My newest go-to wedding gift is a 10.25 inch Blacklock Skillet. It’s something I might not splurge on for myself (I have so many skillets), but it makes for a gift that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Another go-to wedding gift is our cookware organizer. I like to give friends excuses to buy more cast iron cookware, not less."

Rita Appleton, South Pittsburg Factory Store Manager

"My favorite pieces are the 10.5 inch griddle and the 10.25 inch skillet. These are two items you will use every time you cook. The griddle is great for biscuits or rolls and makes the perfect small pizza or grilled cheese sandwich. The skillet will sauté or fry anything, but it’s also great for cornbread or a layer cake. Our enameled dutch ovens are perfect for those who love to make chili, soup, and spaghetti sauce. Along with the gift, I like to attach a card that reads: 'Hope your marriage lasts as long as your cast iron.' Of course, if you live near one of our factory stores, you can talk to one of our sales associates to find the perfect item based on the couples’ cooking needs."

Ellie Kassebaum, Junior Copywriter

"When it comes to weddings, the Enameled Double Dutch Oven is my go-to choice. It’s great for soups, pasta, carnitas, and bread (hello, meal prep!). Plus, the lid doubles as a grill pan, which is great for couples who live in a small space. If they don’t cook much, I go with the 10.25 inch Blacklock Skillet. It’s the perfect introduction to cast iron and can handle all the basics—from fried eggs and bacon to steak and roasted veggies. To add a personal touch, I also like to include a cookbook and handwritten note wishing them many years around the table together."

New Features of the Sportsman's Pro
Holly Stone, Executive Assistant

"Cast Iron is my go-to gift for any occasion, but especially for weddings! My favorites to give are the Baker’s Delight Set for the bride and something special from our grilling line for the groom. Cast iron’s a worry-free gift that you can never go wrong with. I also like to stick a little note to the newlyweds that says, 'The better care you give, the better it gets with age.' Just like a marriage."

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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