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Yellowstone™ Gifts for True Show Fans

By: Lodge Cast Iron / September 29, 2022

Lodge is proud to team up with Yellowstone™ to bring the stories of Dutton Ranch to life in new ways, at kitchens and campsites everywhere. Whether you’re shopping for a fan or for yourself, these Yellowstone™ gifts from Lodge will help you bring an authentic slice of ranch life to every meal.

Yellowstone Action Shot

Yellowstone™ 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Authentic Y Skillet

The collectible yet functional Yellowstone skillet is cast to last for generations and features a Dutton Ranch Y, making it the perfect Yellowstone gift. Put American cast iron to work in your home and keep authentically good food in the family.

Yellowstone™ 12 Inch Cast Iron Steer Skillet

Meet American cookware born for adventure. This special edition Yellowstone Steer Skillet represents the best of American grit, told through stories and around the table. The generous size makes it great for those who love to entertain.

Yellowstone™ 5 Inch Cast Iron “Power Y” Mini Skillet

Yellowstone watch party on the calendar? Bring this mini skillet to the host! It’s designed with a raised Y on the cooking surface to create impressions on cornbread, cookies, and brownies.  

Yellowstone™ Cast Iron Bucking Bronco Combo Cooker 

Gift the piece that can do it all! The Combo Cooker features a deep skillet and a lid that doubles as a shallow skillet or griddle. It’s the perfect partner for sizzling steak and eggs around the campfire or simmering a roast for your crew.  

Yellowstone™ 17 Inch Cast Iron “So Wild, So Angry” Dual Handle Pan

Know someone who loves to bring people together around the fire? This is the pan for them! The collectible “So Wild, So Angry” design makes it a show-stopping centerpiece for late nights under the stars. 

Yellowstone™ 12 Inch / 8 Quart Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven

This camp dutch oven is made for the Yellowstone adventurer in your life. The raised feet lift the dutch oven over hot coals and the bail handle makes it easy to maneuver around the campsite. 

Yellowstone™ 8 Inch Round Cast Iron “Power Y” Grill Press

This collectible grill press is designed with a lifted “Power Y” to bring Yellowstone flair to grilled favorites. Sear steaks, smash burgers, and grilled sandwiches—all with the Dutton seal of approval.

Yellowstone™ 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Cowboy Grill Pan

Steaks and burgers are a ranch staple. And with the Cowboy Grill Pan, you can bring all the grilled flavors you love right to your kitchen.

Yellowstone Cowboy Grill Pan

Leather Cooking Gloves

These must-have cooking gloves help every cook take on high-heat cooking, especially outdoors. The premium, brushed leather is heat resistant and will protect your hands—while delivering major ranch energy to your meal.

Nokona Leather Handle Holder

Around Lodge, we think of this as one of our favorite gifts thanks to its durability and classic look. The leather handle holder is heat-resistant and helps you handle hot cookware with ease. Plus, it’s crafted in America by the classic baseball glove maker Nokona.

Yellowstone™ 8 Inch Cast Iron “Power Y” Trivet 

Serve a big meal around the table—family style! Bring your hot cast iron straight from the kitchen and let this cast iron trivet protect your table from the heat.

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