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Meet the Lodge Fluted Cake Pan

By: Lodge Cast Iron / November 15, 2022

The Fluted Cake Pan is a much-loved piece of cast iron that bakes evenly browned cakes with beautifully fluted edges—basically, a dessert that’s perfect for decorating but pretty enough to serve entirely unfrosted. This Lodge classic has a long history: originally part of our main line, it was discontinued in 2001, then featured as a limited edition piece in 2018. But this well-loved piece never lost its luster. So it’s back now by popular demand!

Introducing the Lodge Fluted Cake Pan

What is the Fluted Cake Pan?

The original cast iron Fluted Cake Pan was in the Lodge catalog for over 40 years. It was discontinued in 2001, and since then has gained attention among cast iron users and collectors as a beloved heirloom piece that produces evenly baked and browned cakes that are superior to those made in cast aluminum pans. 

We personally love that this pan can do so much, from baking festive cakes with a classic donut shape, to savory monkey breads and more. You can even serve the cakes upside down for a festive podium cake. Plus, the cast iron pan won't dent, bend, or warp with time—making it a true heirloom-quality piece. Getting started with a Fluted Cake Pan doesn't have to be intimidating: we've got a few simple tips to keep your pan looking and cooking its best.

When was the original Fluted Cake Pan produced? 

The Lodge Fluted Cake Pan was first introduced to the Lodge line in the early 1950s, and it was discontinued in 2001. We don’t know the exact year it was introduced, though you can learn more about its history from former Lodge CEO and family member Bob Kellermann in this video:

video poster
fluted cake pan

What makes the new Fluted Cake Pan different from the original pan?

The Lodge product development team has made three main changes to the Legacy Series Fluted Cake Pan to differentiate it from the original Fluted Cake Pan. The first is the size of the handles. On the 2018 pan, the handles are larger with more space for your hands, allowing for easier lifting and turning over. 

The second major change is the sharpness of the flutes. The fluted edging on the original pan was slightly more rounded and softer, while the 2018 pan has more defined fluting to make for a sharper cake form.

The last update is that the pan comes already seasoned and ready to use!