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USA Enamel™

Join the Originals: A Celebration of Our Crew

By: Lodge Cast Iron / June 9, 2023

People who love enameled cast iron are a true pack of originals. We’re marking the launch of our history-making USA Enamel™ collection by celebrating the first 300 people who purchase a dutch oven with a special, Originals-only code.

USA Enamel
USAE Originals Token

What’s included?

Being an Original is always a good thing! As one of the first 300 people to purchase a USA Enamel Dutch Oven with our special Originals code, you’ll get an official Certificate of Originality, an exclusive cast iron token, and your name on a plaque in South Pittsburg, Tennessee—the very city where USA Enamel is made.

Certificate of Originality
This unique certificate is signed by two 4th generation Lodge family members: Bob Kellermann, CEO Emeritus, and Henry Lodge, Chairman of the Board.

Cast Iron Token
Cast iron is the heart of all we do, including USA Enamel. This collectible token was cast in our 3rd Street Foundry in South Pittsburg to celebrate this history-making launch. It’s inspired by so many proud traditions of sharing tokens and coins to mark a big achievement, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Lodge Campus Plaque
As an Original purchaser of USA Enamel, you’ll also get your name included on a commemorative plaque on the Lodge campus. We’ll follow up with you to share more details and an invitation to visit!

What's Included

How does it work?

Simply enter the code in our exclusive launch email at checkout—limit one per household, please. If you’re among the first 300 to purchase, you’ll get a “You’re in the crew” notification. If we’ve already hit our 300 person capacity, you’ll receive a notification that the code is no longer working—but don’t worry, your USA Enamel™ Dutch Oven is still available and on its way to you!

Just like the Lodge crew, our Originals come from all over, connected by a love for colorful, quality, American-made cookware. As the first to shop our new, American-made enameled cast iron, the USA Enamel Originals are an exclusive community that cares about quality, craft, and originality. 

Shop USA Enamel™

The USA Enamel™ Dutch Ovens are made to stand out with intentional, timeless design paired with incredible, oven-to-table performance.

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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