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Lodge Enameled Cast Iron, Side-by-Side

By: Lodge Cast Iron / June 7, 2023

Everything you need to know about our two collections of enameled cast iron.

Lodge proudly offers two lines of Enameled Cast Iron: our history-making collection of USA Enamel™ made on US soil; and our much-loved, imported Essential Enamel, which makes great performing cookware available to everyone. Read on to learn more about what makes these collections different—and why they both have a place on the stovetop.

USA Enamel Cherry on Top

USA Enamel™ at a glance

USA Enamel™ is our new line of American-made enameled cast iron, crafted in South Pittsburg and designed to last for generations. It’s the only colorful line of enameled cast iron made in the United States today, and it’s designed to be handed down for generations.

The story of USA Enamel
At Lodge, we promised ourselves we could find a way to design and produce colorful enameled cast iron right here in our hometown of South Pittsburg, TN—just as we have with our seasoned cast iron for over 125 years. The project started as rough sketches, crumpled-up pieces of paper, and a dream to reimagine what a dutch oven can do and mean.  Inspired by the heyday of American mid-century product design, the collection takes cues from everything from vintage guitars to classic cars. Every detail is thoughtfully tailored with impeccable style—including rich colors, stainless steel accents, and bold side contours—to bring American ingenuity to all kinds of cooking.

Manufactured by skilled American craftspeople in our hometown, each Dutch Oven is made to stand out with design that breaks the mold—including broad handles, domed lid, and a just-right knob—while delivering incredible oven-to-table performance.

USA Enamel Dutch Ovens are available in three colors (“Cherry on Top” Red; “Smooth Sailing” Blue; “Cloud Nine” White) and four sizes.

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Essential Enamel at a glance

Essential Enamel is our much-loved, imported line of enameled cast iron. Essential Enamel delivers great performance for value-minded homecooks who have big families to feed, or those simply looking for a starter pot as they learn to cook. Lodge Essential Enamel makes great quality cookware accessible to everyone.

The story of Essential Enamel
Bringing enameling to US soil was a dream of ours for generations, and while we worked tirelessly to build this manufacturing capability in Tennessee, we created Essential Enamel: a line of imported, high-performing dutch ovens and casseroles that bring Lodge performance to kitchens everywhere. 

We regularly rotate and refresh the colors and sizes of Essential Enamel Dutch Ovens and Casseroles on offer, ranging from 1.5 Quarts to 7.5 Quarts.

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Frequently asked questions

Every piece of USA Enamel™ is proudly made in the United States, right in our South Pittsburg, Tennessee Foundries and Enameling Facility. Our Essential Enamel pieces are made overseas through a trusted and vetted partner who maintains our high quality standards.

Lodge USA Enamel is priced alongside many competitive products on the market, but what makes it different is that it’s made in the United States—American labor, quality, and ingenuity in every pot. Our Essential Enamel carries the same high quality standards as our USA Enamel but is made overseas. This makes it possible for us to offer it at a value for customers looking for hard-working cookware at a lower price.

At the end of the day, both USA Enamel and Essential Enamel will help you make a great roast. That said, USA Enamel pieces are heirloom quality and made for generations; Essential Enamel is more accessible to bring great performance to every kitchen.

Yes! Lodge offers the Made Right Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our products, including USA Enamel, Essential Enamel, and our Seasoned Cast Iron. Check out all the details to see if your piece qualifies for repair or replacement.

One of the reasons enameling is so rare in the United States is that doing it safely—for people and for planet—comes with a lot of costs. We built our Enameling Facility from the ground up to meet the strictest environmental impact regulations. Our entire manufacturing process is designed to keep our people safe, with strict procedures around use of PPE and protective gear.

Every USA Enamel Dutch Oven is made in the United States with imported stainless steel accents. In fact, the iron is poured in the same South Pittsburg, Tennessee Foundry as Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron, then transported a few yards across campus to our new Enameling Facility. Each dutch oven has been packed-out by hand and is distributed directly from cast iron’s hometown since 1896.

Both pots have a place in your kitchen! USA Enamel comes in four sizes, from 3 Quart to 7.5 Quart—consider picking one in a size that complements your current piece of Essential Enamel. You could also consider donating your Essential Enamel pot or giving it to a family member or friend. Please keep our cookware out of the landfill.

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