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USA Enamel™

Meet the USA Enamel™ Colors

By: Lodge Cast Iron / May 24, 2023

To celebrate the launch of USA Enamel™, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at how we brought these one-of-a-kind pieces to life. Throughout the design process, we labored over each and every detail—from the grip of the handles to the logo cast on the base. And choosing a color palette was no exception. We consulted experts and reviewed hundreds of color swatches to create bold, bright pieces that bring magic to your kitchen. 

USA Enamel

Getting the color palette right 

When we set out to make enameled cast iron pieces on US soil, we knew we needed a color palette that reflects the rich history of American manufacturing and design. Red, white, and blue were a natural starting point when we started thinking about color, as were the bright, funky colors common in mid-century design. 

While we drew inspiration from vintage guitars and classic cars, we never wanted USA Enamel to feel like a direct replica of something made in the 50s and 60s. Our goal was to bring the innovative spirit and quality of that time to a modern audience. “We wanted colors that fit the timelessness of the mid-century design, but that also have a fresh vibe to them. Each one had to be clean and iconic,” remembers Kelly Peterson, Senior Product Marketing Manager.  

Color Chips

Now it was time to determine just the right shades. During this phase, the team brought reds, whites, and blues that they felt would resonate with folks in the kitchen and beyond. “We found that we all landed on similar shades: deep, inky blues; crisp, clean whites; and bright, vibrant reds,” Kelly shares. 

To make sure we were on the right track, we consulted Lee Eiseman, color expert and Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, to help us strike a balance between shades that feel both timeless and on-trend. With her help, we narrowed down our palette to colors that we knew would really stand out and make a statement in people’s kitchens, rather than just blend into their environment. 

“Now all we had to do was translate these shades to enamel, which turned out to be one of the biggest learning curves of the whole process,” Kelly notes. “It’s not like picking a color swatch and getting a can of paint for your wall. We had to blend colors together to get the enamel recipe just right, then each dutch oven is hand sprayed to ensure we get a consistent coat across every single surface.” 

Finding the perfect name 

With three enamel color recipes that are completely our own, we went to the drawing board to give them names that are just as special. The team went through hundreds of names, at first drawing inspiration from pieces of American culture like denim jeans and apple pie, then exploring how colloquialisms could be reimagined alongside color.

“We didn’t just want to call them red, white, and blue,” says Daniel Skolfield, Senior Brand Creation Manager. “After months of discussion, we finally landed on Cherry on Top, Cloud Nine, and Smooth Sailing. All of those names immediately make you think of the color that we want you to think of, but they also do this other job of transporting you to another place, to make you drift off and imagine that you’re on a beach somewhere, or eating an ice cream cone, or having a spa day in the clouds. USA Enamel is about transporting you into a place that transcends a piece of cookware.” 

We fell in love with these phrases because they’re lines we use in everyday conversation, sometimes in celebration of wins (big and small!), sometimes sarcastically, and often without even thinking about them. Even when USA Enamel was just an idea, we always wanted to take it beyond being just a piece of cookware. That’s why we spent time investing in every single detail. We hope everything—from the feel of the handles and the name of each color—makes you do a double-take. 

USA Enamel Group Image

Explore the colors 

Cherry On Top: a fiery, playful red 
Transport yourself back to the nostalgia of digging into a giant sundae as a kid. Cherry On Top is the finishing touch that makes something that’s already good, even better. Dessert, anyone? 

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Cloud Nine: a bright, euphoric ivory 
Give yourself a moment of pure bliss. Cloud Nine is a reminder to soak up the present—whether that’s a first date, a game-winning home run, or simply a deep breath after a big day. You deserve it! 

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Smooth Sailing: a bold, free-spirited blue  
Take an adventure where open waters make anything possible. Smooth Sailing is an invitation to dream of something exciting coming around the corner. What’s next? 

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The USA Enamel™ Dutch Ovens are made to stand out with intentional, timeless design paired with incredible, oven-to-table performance.

Contributed By: Lodge Cast Iron

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