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Our Top Grilling Essentials

By: Lodge Cast Iron / July 25, 2023

When the weather warms up, it’s time to get the charcoal briquettes glowing or turn up the propane for an incredible meal full of big, grilled flavor. And of course, when the scents and sounds of grilling season come calling, we reach for cast iron to take the heat and deliver an incredible sear. Check out our favorite grilling must-haves to help you be the keeper of the flame year-round.

Grilling with Sear Blends
Lodge Sear Blends

Around here, we’ve got strong opinions about food—but one thing we can pretty much all agree on is that great food starts with big flavor and heat. Our Sear Blends are designed to stand up to the heat—on the stove, over the grill, or in the campfire—without burning. That means you can add complex spices to your favorite seared proteins and vegetables without summoning the smoke detector.

Southwest Kick Sear Blend
Southwest Kick

Southwest Kick is a high-heat-loving blend inspired by cactus country. It’s made for everything from pork chops and steaks to shrimp—we especially love it on this double chop. Add a little kick to your favorite seared foods with a boot-scootin’ blend of pepper, cumin, and lime.

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Tennessee Smoke Sear Blend
Tennessee Smoke

Tennessee Smoke is our all-purpose blend and pairs perfectly with everything from steaks and burgers to chicken drummies. It features notes of hickory and pepper, rounded out with a classic savory garlic flavor. We sprinkle it on… pretty much everything.

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 Fireside Garlic & Herb Sear Blend
Fireside Garlic & Herb

Fireside Garlic & Herb delivers a toasty, garlicky kick and fresh, herby finish to your favorite proteins and veggies—we especially love it on kebabs or sprinkled on fries. A classic mix that’s ready to do some heavy lifting at the grill.

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Sizzling Citrus Sear Blend
Sizzling Citrus

Sizzling Citrus is a heat-seeking blend that plays well with seafood and poultry—but of course, we couldn’t help adding it to these steak tacos. Add a sizzling twist to your favorite seared foods with a blend of orange, lime, and cilantro.

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Cast Iron Grilling Essentials

We love to top our grills off with American-made cast iron grilling accessories and pans. Check out our top picks, from griddles that will help you get edge-to-edge sear, to presses that will get your burgers properly smashed, to grill baskets that let smoke in without losing vegetables to the fire.

Dual Handle Grilling
Dual Handle Pan

The same incredible performance of our seasoned cast iron skillet, but with two loop handles instead of a primary handle. This pan’s design makes it easier to fit on a grill or smoker and is an essential piece for grillers.

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Burger Press
Cast Iron Burger Press

Get those smash burgers extra smashed and crispy with a cast iron grill press. When you preheat it on the grill, it helps add charred flavor to your proteins, too. Hold in the heat while you grill, keep your bacon flat on a griddle, or simply get a nice gooey grilled cheese going.

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Grilling Basket
Grilling Basket

Keep food above the fire instead of between the grates. This grill basket keeps vegetables, seafood, and other smaller items from falling into the flames when you’re grilling or smoking. Bonus, the dual-handle design makes it compact enough for grills of all sizes (and off-season storage is a breeze).

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Cast Iron Melting Pot
Cast Iron Melting Pot

Keep your sauces and butter melted and warm with this small melting pot, which we love to place right on the grill while we’re searing steaks. Baste a cut of beef with garlic butter, or keep chicken drumsticks sticky with barbecue sauce with the silicone brush.

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Once you've got your grill station ready, check out some Lodge favorite grilling recipes. From cookout fare to easy weeknight meals, get your grocery list started with these grilled dishes.

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